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Take Your Health in Your Hands

MySaskHealthRecord gives you quick and easy access to your personal health information through a secure website or mobile app. All information in MySaskHealthRecord is stored securely and can only be accessed through a highly secure, personalized log in.

Register to gain access to your medical record information, such as clinical visit history, laboratory test results, prescription history and more.

Edit your display and add your own personal information using personal dashboard and personal health summary to:

  • track and generate reports
  • set medication and appointment reminders
  • upload information from health devices
  • share your information with other MySaskHealthRecord users


Having quick and easy access to your personal health information may help you be more:

  • proactive in managing chronic conditions and your overall health
  • informed to make better decisions about your health and care 
  • engaged with health care providers
  • prepared to ask informed questions at medical appointments 

You're in charge

Once you register for MySaskHealthRecord, you'll have easy access to your personal medical information and can share information with providers and loved ones who have a MySaskHealthRecord account. You can add or modify certain information yourself in Personal Health Summary and Measurements. You can also keep track of appointments in Scheduling and set up Reminders.

Medical records

  • clinical visit history (displayed as inpatient, outpatient or emergency visits to a health care facility)
  • laboratory test results
  • medical imaging reports
  • immunization history
  • prescription history
  • clinical documents (notes from your doctor such as discharge summaries, operative notes, consults and others) Select clinical documents will be released through MySaskHealthRecord in a phased approach.

Personal health summary

  • allergies
  • family history
  • medical conditions
  • medical procedures
  • emergency contacts


  • body dimensions (height, weight, BMI)
  • connect my device
  • diabetic health (blood glucose, HbA1C)
  • heart health (cholesterol, blood pressure)
  • personal logs (exercise, dietary, sleep)
  • respiratory health (asthma, peak flow measurements)

Personal scheduling

  • appointments
  • health provider contacts

Add and track health ​information from a variety of sources. Each data source has a distinct colour in the display.
​Provincial health data (green) ​ ​
Clinical visit history is collected from healthcare facilities in the Saskatchewan Health Authority with a registration system as inpatient, outpatient or emergency visit.        
3 years available
Clinical documents
After a medical visit, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers write notes that summarize important information about you. These notes are called a clinical document and may include:
  • summary of what a patient has told the clinician (also called a patient history)
  • clinician's interpretation of lab tests, x-rays or other investigations
  • recommendations made during the visit (also called a treatment plan or plan of care), this may include tests, follow-up appointments, referrals, etc.
  • clinician's findings from a physical exam
  • details of a procedure
  • summary of a patient's healthcare visit(s)

Types of clinical documents in MySaskHealthRecord include:

Diagnostic reports (available as of November 27, 2023) such as:

  • Holter monitors
  • sleep studies
  • exercise tolerance tests
  • pulmonary function tests
  • ECGs
  • stress tests
  • EEGs
  • esophageal manometry
  • ambulatory reflux monitoring and pH impedance

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Reports (available as of May 2023) such as:

  • discharge summaries
  • new patient notes
  • pain and symptom management notes
  • review notes

Note: As clinical documents are being phased in, each document type has a different historical start date. Any clinical documents recorded prior to the historical start date for each type will not be available in MySaskHealthRecord.

​​Lab results are collected from Saskatchewan Health Authority laboratories. Results from labs that don't produce electronic results may not be included in MySaskHealthRecord.
3 years available
​​Medical imaging reports are provided by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and some private radiology organizations.
3 years available
Immunization history comes from the provincial  immunization registry, Panorama. Information is collected when you're immunized or during investigation of a communicable disease (including related immunizations).
Full history available
Prescription history comes from information recorded in pharmacies across Saskatchewan in the provincial Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP).

25 months available

Surgical procedures information comes from data entered into the Saskatchewan Surgical Registry (SSR). Information about upcoming surgical procedures except pending emergency procedures. Information about emergency procedures is entered after the procedure is complete. Information about past surgical procedures from 2018. 
​Device entered data (orange)​You can connect your personal health and fitness applications or devices, such as an activity tracker or blood glucose monitor, to sync and upload data into your MySaskHealthRecord.
​Self-entered data (yellow)​You can manually enter your own personal health information including allergies and emergency contacts for your own tracking purposes.

Note: You can modify or delete information that you entered or uploaded yourself. You cannot delete or modify any provincially sourced information. You can manually enter your own personal health information including allergies and emergency contacts for your own tracking purposes.

Your Information is safe and private

All personal health information in MySaskHealthRecord is stored securely for your use. eHealth Saskatchewan has taken the necessary steps to protect your information, including firewalls and internal security policies and procedures. We update and implement security measures when appropriate and practical to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Surgical Procedures (new)

What information do I have to provide to register for MSHR?

To sign up for MySaskHealthRecord, you must have an active Saskatchewan Health Card and a valid Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) driver's license or SGI non-driver's photo ID card. Find more information about Saskatchewan health cards here.

Can someone under the age of 14 sign up for their own MSHR account?

If you are under the age of 14 and would like to sign up for your own MySaskHealthRecord account, please contact eHealth's Privacy Service for assistance. They can be reached at 1-855-eHS-LINK (347-5465) or by email at PrivacyandAccess@eHealthSask.ca.

How can I get access to my health information online if I don't have a MySaskHealthRecord account?

Patients can still use the existing manual process to request access to their health information. Find out more about requesting access to personal health information without a MySaskHealthRecord account here.

Are all results in MySaskHealthRecord instantly available?

Users have access to results as they become available in the provincial database, with the exception of pathology results (4-day delay to allow healthcare providers time to review and support next steps) and clinical documents (48-hour delay). 

Why are some of my results missing in my account?

MySaskHealthRecord displays information as it is made available in the provincial database. If you appear to be missing a result and/or report, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

The result/report is historical. A full history of all medical information is not available. Specific details are listed above in Information Sources.

The specific report or result is not currently available in the provincial database. This includes, but is not limited to, reports related to: 

  • endoscopy (e.g. gastroscopy, colonoscopy)

The location does not send its information to the provincial database at this time. Although information from most hospitals is available, there are locations throughout the province that have not yet integrated into provincial databases and the information cannot be displayed in MySaskHealthRecord.

The information has been marked sensitive. Certain clinical documents will not be available in MySaskHealthRecord including the following:

  • mental health notes
  • clinical documents that are deemed to be harmful for patient or public safety
  • clinical documents that are considered to impact confidentiality rights of a third party

Other reasons for a result being unavailable in MSHR include:

  • clinical documents documented by a private provider who uses different documenting technology
  • clinical documents not yet finalized by the provider for several reasons
  • clinical documents that are only released 48 hours after the provider has finalized the note

How do I gain access to medical information that is not available in MySaskHealthRecord?

You will need to submit a request in writing to the facility or provider that provided the service. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the eHealth Privacy Service at:

Toll-free: 1-855-347-5465
Email: privacyandaccess@eHealthsask.ca

If you're looking for a clinical document that does not appear in MySaskHealthRecord, please contact eHealth Saskatchewan:

Toll Free: 1-844-767-8259 (Canada & US)
Email: MySaskHealthRecord@ehealthsask.ca

I used to have access to my late relative's MySaskHealthRecord; however I have not been able to access it since they passed away. What happened to that shared access?

The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) limits the circumstances in which information of a deceased individual can be disclosed. The disclosure must be the least amount of personal health information needed to fulfill the required purpose. As a result of this regulatory limit, eHealth Saskatchewan cannot provide access to a deceased individual's MySaskHealthRecord since profiles contain years of historical information. We don't have the ability to limit a MySaskHealthRecord profile to only the information an individual may be entitled to under HIPA.

As a further step to protect personal health information, eHealth Saskatchewan deactivates MySaskHealthRecord accounts when we receive a notification through the provincial client registry that an account holder is deceased.

If you require access to a deceased individual's personal health information, you can submit your request to the health records department of the health facility where the individual last received care.