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Get Your COVID 19 Vaccination Record

Use MySaskHealthRecord – To get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate with QR code, log in to your MySaskHealthRecord account. If you don't already have one, create an account here.

Not eligible for a MySaskHealthRecord account because you don't have the required ID or technology? We can help. Learn how here

Out-of-province vaccinations

Saskatchewan residents
Add COVID-19 vaccinations received outside the province to your MySaskHealthRecord account. Fill out and submit our online form along with supporting documents. Learn more about the process.

Non Saskatchewan residents

Most provinces and countries collect information about out-of-province vaccinations and enter them into your health record. Check with your local health ministry or authority to find out how you can have your Saskatchewan vaccination added to your record.

If you're a non-resident looking for proof of your Saskatchewan vaccination learn more here.

Update Your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Your immunization record in MySaskHealthRecord automatically shows any COVID-19 vaccinations received, including boosters. However, once generated, QR codes are static and need to be updated if your vaccination status changes. Log in to your account and generate a new QR code after receiving any COVID-19 vaccine to ensure your record is up-to-date.