Open Data and Public Reporting

​​​​​Open Data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.

What makes this data “open” is that it isn’t limited by restrictions on access or usage. This type of data is delivered in a structured format, making it easier to use, sort and repurpose.

Two of the most frequently requested aggregate data files that are available for the public to access include:

Public Reports

These public reports have been developed to allow users to view the data in a variety of ways.

Some examples of how these data can be viewed include:

  • by year
  • by sex
  • by Regional Health Authority

Some important points to note:

  • The reports are de-identified and aggregated to remove any personal health information before they are available for public use; and
  • Users do not need a username or password to access to eHealth Saskatchewan’s Public information.

Watch Publicly Available Self-​Serve Reports Video

We continue to work with our health system partners to make it easier to access these freely-available open data sets and reports.

Online Resources

The initial stage of the Open Data and Public Reporting portal makes data available from the following three major categories:

Health System

Healthcare indicators

Safety and injuries

Wait Times

Drug plan



Public Health Methodologies



Population Health

Chronic Disease Indicators




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External links to public data sets will be reviewed, and new ones added from time to time.

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