Resources and Analytics for Authorized Health System Users

Access to the reporting site using the myeHealth Data access portal is only available to authorized users.

eHealth Saskatchewan provides and maintains health care data for authorized health system and regional health employees, stakeholders, and partners to use.

Authorized health system users have the ability to access eHealth's secure online analytics portal to use this this data and information for research, analytics and reporting purposes.

Approved Authorizers have the ability to grant permission to select users to access each of the available reporting projects within the analytics portal.

If you already have a myeHealth account, you are likely eligible for authorization to access:

  • existing reports
  • dashboards
  • data extracts

If you do not have a myeHealth account, or are unsure if you are eligible for access, you are still invited to request an account.

Once your account registration has been has been approved, you will be able to access the project you are looking for.

Training Resources

Using myeHealth to Access Reports

Learn how to securely login to access eHealth reports, dashboards, data extracts, and other reporting services using reports.