MySaskHealthRecord - Helpful Information for Health Care Providers

About MySaskHealthRecord

​MySaskHealthRecord (MSHR) is a secure online tool that enables Saskatchewan residents, 14 years of age and older, to quickly and easily access their personal health information. The tool lets residents view, monitor and track their personal health information to enhance their health care experience. This can help patients better understand their health information and conditions, prepare for appointments and allow patients and providers to work together to make more timely and informed decisions.

Information available in MySaskHealthRecord

MSHR contains health information from a variety of data sources

A summary of MSHR information includes:

Medical record – clinical visit history (displayed as inpatient, outpatient or emergency), laboratory test results, medical imaging reports, prescription history, and immunization history

Personal health summary – allergies, family history, medical conditions/procedures, and emergency contacts

Measurements – body dimensions, diabetic health, heart health, personal logs, and respiratory health

Personal scheduling log – appointments, reminders, health care provider contacts

Clinical documents – information available through the eHR viewer, including provider notes such as select discharge summaries, operative notes, consults and more, including:

  • diagnostic reports including Holter monitors, sleep studies, exercise tolerance tests, ECF, EEG, stress tests, pulmonary function tests and more
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency reports such as discharge summaries, new patient notes, pain and symptom management notes, and review notes

Surgical procedures – scheduled procedure date, specialist/surgeon's name, procedure location and more.

  • Allow 7-14 business days following the consent discussion for new entries to appear in MySaskHealthRecord.
  • Note: Surgical procedure information will not be available in the eHR Viewer.

Enhancements to MySaskHealthRecord

Work on Phase 2 of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) Open Clinical Documents project continues. Select documents in the eHR Viewer will appear in MSHR 48-hours after the documents are finalized. Additional clinical documents that will flow to MSHR include operative reports, discharge, history and physicals, summaries/transfers and consults. Notes finalized prior to the go-live date will not appear in MSHR.

Technology solutions are being developed to allow providers who author documents using SCM, Fluency for Transcription/Fluency Mobile or Fluency Flex to exclude clinical documents from MSHR, in alignment with Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) criteria. Training resources will be available in advance of go-live to educate providers about when and how to exclude select clinical documents from becoming available in MSHR where applicable.

How patient results appear in MySaskHealthRecord

When patient information is available in the eHR Viewer, it will also be displayed in the patient's MSHR. While many results appear with no delay, newly added clinical documents will not appear in the patient's MSHR for 48 hours. 

Abnormal or Sensitive Results That May Be Distressing 

Some information regarding abnormal or sensitive results may be distressing. Some language to consider before patients go for testing:

  • Before you go for these tests, remember that with MSHR you have the option to see your results online, but you also have the option to wait to review the results with me. There is the chance that the results may cause you some anxiety if you are not sure what they mean, and you may decide that you feel more comfortable waiting to review the results with me in person, rather than viewing them online.
  • Let's do the test and then schedule a follow up visit so we can discuss the results together. You can choose to review the results in your MSHR account prior to our appointment together, but regardless we will meet and discuss a plan.
  • Please allow up to (insert number) business days from the time the test is available for me to review the results and contact you, as needed, to talk through next steps and to ensure you have the proper supports.
  • Please remember that MSHR does not replace any of the current processes or practice standards in place today. I will continue reviewing all results and will reach out as needed.
Some language to consider when the patient calls your staff or the clinic after testing:
  • The provider will be reviewing the results, so be assured that if there are issues we will book a follow up appointment.
  • Please allow up to (insert number) business days for the provider to review the results and to determine the necessary next steps based on the results. If you haven't heard from us after (insert number) business days, then please call the clinic.

Correcting errors in MySaskHealthRecord

Patients can report any suspected errors in their MSHR account to eHealth Saskatchewan by contacting the eHealth Service Desk at:

Providers can report any suspected errors in clinical documents to eHealth Saskatchewan by contacting the eHealth Service Desk at:

Providers can correct an error in a dictated report or flag a critical error in a report dictated by another clinician.

  1. For errors in Saskatchewan Health Authority reports, please refer to Clinical Documents Corrections.
  2. For errors in Saskatchewan Cancer Agency reports, contact:
    • Allan Blair Cancer Centre:  306-766-2213
    • Saskatoon Cancer Centre: 306-655-2662

Sharing MySaskHealthRecord

Residents can share their health information with anyone else who has a MySaskHealthRecord account. See instructions for How to Use MySaskHealthRecord.

Parents and legal guardians can access the health information of their children under the age of 14. Please note that once a child turns 14, they will have to sign up for their own account. Parents will no longer have access to their child's health information in MSHR unless the child shares their account.

Caregivers can apply to access the health information of someone they care for by contacting eHealth's Privacy Service at 1-855-eHS-LINK (347-5465) or


  • Call the Service Desk at 1-844-767-8259 if you have any questions or need assistance.
  • Call eHealth's Privacy Service at 1-855-eHS-LINK (347-5465) or

FAQs for health care providers

What if a patient asks me to review results that I didn't order?

You can check the eHR Viewer for the results, but you may need to review the results with the ordering provider, as they may have ordered them for a reason that you're not aware of.

There are some instances where you may not have access to results in your EMR including if the patient:

  • was tested at a facility that doesn't send results to the provincial repository
  • was tested outside of Saskatchewan
  • received point of care testing and manually entered or uploaded data/results to MSHR account

In this case, results should have been sent to the ordering provider and the ordering provider will review the results. The ordering provider may contact the patient if they want to review the results or the patient can contact the ordering provider if they have questions or concerns.

What if a patient under the age of 14 would like to sign up for MSHR?

If a patient under the age of 14 would like to sign up for their own MSHR account, tell them to contact eHealth's Privacy Service for assistance. Their office can be reached at 1-855-eHS-LINK (347-5465) or by email at

How many years of provincial health information will be available in MSHR?

There will be three years of historical data loaded into MSHR. This is calculated from the day the patient successfully completes their registration. This would apply to clinical visit history, laboratory test results, and medical imaging reports available in the provincial repository. Immunization data (from 1978 to present) is loaded as found in the provincial immunization registry, Panorama. Prescription history loads 25 months of historical data.

Will patient-entered information from MSHR be sent to other electronic health information systems?

All patient-entered health information such as allergies, medical conditions, appointment reminders, information uploaded from health devices etc. remains in MSHR and will not be sent to other health system applications.

Can patients message a health care provider from MSHR?

No, patients can't message health care providers from MSHR.

Additional resources

The following resources provide additional information: