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​Transitioning to a Single, Provincial IT Service

eHealth Saskatchewan has been mandated to lead the process of consolidating Saskatchewan's health system information technology areas into a single, provincial ser​vice. The following organizations form part of this work:

  • Saskatchewan Health Authority​
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA)
  • 3sHealth
The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA​​) officially came into existence on December 4, 2017. Employees previously employed with one (or more) of the province's former regional health authorities are now employed by the Authority.
Our journey continues. eHealth is in the proce​ss of embarking upon a new, shared path -- together with our single, provincial health system partners -- to transform Saskatchewan's health system.
The transformation process will take time. But we couldn't be more excited to work with our partners and stakeholders to deliver the very best care for Saskatchewan patients and families.​

About eHealth Saskatchewan

eHealth Saskatchewan is a Treasury Board Crown that collects, combines, stores and manages the electronic health records of Saskatchewan people.

These electronic records give doctors, and other health care providers, secure and instant access to their patients' electronic health information. When health care providers have quick and easy access to health  information, their patients receive better overall care.

Improving patient care is at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a variety of programs and services that give health care providers electronic access to important patient information, such as laboratory results, medical imaging reports and prescriptions, from anywhere in the province. Having key health records and information available at a provider's fingertips, can save their patients heartache, frustration, repeated tests, unnecessary travel and long wait times.

eHealth also manages Saskatchewan's health registration process. This includes issuing health cards to people for insured health services.

We also manage Vital Statistics records and issue birth, stillbirth, marriage, death and genealogy certificates. 

Our Shared Journey

Since 2012, eHealth Saskatchewan has embarked on an exciting journey to help transform and improve Saskatchewan's health care system.

This journey continues thanks to people and teams, not technology alone. We will continue to do everything we can to better empower patients and enable their health care teams.

Th​e road to improved health care starts with the patient. Putting patients first ensures that their best interests will always be at the forefront of our minds as we work to find efficiencies and make improvements in the health care system.

​​Putting Patients First

Putting patients first also means that we are committed to making patients a crucial part of the decision-making process. Patients and family members are often invited to take part in workshops and other health-related events. The feedback we gather from those receiving care across this province makes a big difference in how we make decisions.

Continous Improvement

At the heart of this journey is our dedication to continuous improvement in order to carry out innovations. This approach allows us to create efficiencies, not only within our organization, but throughout the Saskatchewan health care system.

Privacy and Security

We are equally proud to have also developed a reputation among IT organizations nationally for our robust safeguards to ensure the privacy and security of personal health information.

eHealth applies this same standard of care when it comes to protecting the personal information we collect for Vital Statistics records and certificates.

We are committed to responding to the evolving needs for better and quicker information technology and  management in the health care system.

Join Our Team

Visit our Careers​ section if you would like to work in the exciting world of innovation and technology and help us improve health care in Saskatchewan.