Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP)

eHealth Technical Update:

eHealth is aware that most Drug Plan PMS and WEB security certificates will expire on September 17th, 2021. These certificates allow community pharmacy and medical suppliers to submit claims to the Drug Plan.  eHealth is currently generating new certificates and is working closely with vendors to install these certificates prior to September 17th.  You may contact your vendor if you have questions about this process.  If you experience any issues after September 17th when submitting claims to the Drug Plan, please contact your vendor directly.  

Thank you for your patience.  

​​​PIP Application Update:

Effective June 22, 2020, eHealth has resumed capturing medications used for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) on a patient's Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP). Pharmacists can consult with the TB Pharmacy or medSask if assistance is required to manage TB drug therapy. 


  • The TB Pharmacy at 306‐655‐2987; or
  • medSask at 1‐800‐667‐3425 or 306‐966‐6340 (Saskatoon) or by email at:


PIP gives health​ care practitioners secure online access to the information they need to make the best drug therapy decisions for their patients.

The program gives providers the ability to:

  • Access the medication profile for all Saskatchewan residents
  • Enter allergy/intolerance information
  • ePrescribe 

PIP only provides information of prescriptions dispensed in Saskatchewan community pharmacies.

Download PIP JSAP Policy Requirements​

Recent Pharmacy Graduates & PIP Approvers

PIP training requirements have changed (as per the Saskatchewan Drug Plan). Please see the required training sessions, located on the training page.

  • Recent Pharmacy graduates: please ensure to complete all required Prescriber training sessions to avoid delay in accessing the PIP.
  • Prescribers: please ensure to complete the required Prescriber training modules.
  • Approvers: please ensure to complete the required Approvers and Trustees training modules.

eHealth Saskatchewan requires tracked training for anyone wishing to have Prescriber/Approver permissions.

Program Updates

Contact Service Desk

Toll Free: ​1-888-316-7446
Fax: ​1-306-781-8480 

Contact Drug Plan Services

Phone: 1-800-667-7578
Regina: 306-787-3315

Contact PIP Privacy Services

Toll Free: 1-800-667-1672
Regina: 306-787-8963