eHealth Executive Team

​​​​​​​eHealth Saskatchewan is led by a team of diverse leaders who come from a variety of backgrounds.

They bring many different skills and years of experience to the table, working with their teams to improve patient care and improve Saskatchewan's overall health care system.


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 Interim CEO  Davin Church

Prior to assuming the Interim CEO role, Davin served as eHealth's Vice President of Programs and Technology. In that position he worked closely with health system partners to plan, deliver, support, and optimize strategic initiatives and operational clinical systems to improve health information sharing and patient care.

Davin values accountability and, as a leader, emphasizes working through challenges together while not dwelling on them. He believes trust and integrity among team members is paramount and no single individual is responsible for our successes. 

Since joining the organization in 2013, Davin's notable achievements include serving as executive sponsor for eHealth's COVID-19 Emergency Operations Centre and leading work to support proof of vaccination requirements for international travel and domestic use. In addition to multiple provincial system consolidation initiatives, he also led the launch of the MySaskHealthRecord secure website to give citizens access to personal health information; developed and led the provincial Electronic Health Record strategy and delivery; and led development and implementation of the Chronic Disease Management Quality Improvement Program.

Before joining eHealth, Davin was the Program Lead for the Saskatchewan Electronic Medical Record Program with the Saskatchewan Medical Association, and worked in private sector IT in business development and relationship management.


VP - Programs and Technology (Interim) - Paul Maindonald

As Vice President of Programs and Technology (Interim) for eHealth, Paul works closely with health system partners and citizens to plan, deliver, support, and optimize strategic technology initiatives and operational clinical systems to improve health information sharing & patient care. He is also accountable for the Provincial Electronic Health Record. Paul and his teams facilitate and collaborate with stakeholders across the province to ensure health care providers and staff have access to the latest solutions for improving patient care.

Paul’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach leads to tangible solutions and proven results. His confidence managing organizational change comes from experience managing in complex business and information technology environments.

Paul was previously responsible for leading the Programs area at eHealth. Comprised of 30+ clinical and non-clinical program (service) areas, these teams work together to help health care providers and teams deliver the best possible care. Paul was instrumental in developing and deploying the Saskatchewan patient portal (MySaskHealthRecord), virtual care technologies, and most recently, various technology components of the health sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to joining eHealth, Paul held several senior management roles within the health care, management consulting services, and manufacturing sectors. He has been a member of many non-profit boards, most recently sitting on the College of Podiatry Council for Saskatchewan.

Director of Communications - Lorri Thacyk

As Director of Communications, Lorri is responsible for the internal and external communications channels that support eHealth’s work, in turn supporting the health system. Lorri has considerable government experience, with expertise in organizational communications, media relations, issues management and awareness campaigns. With her strong leadership skills and collaborative nature, Lorri believes teamwork is critical to meeting organizational goals. Lorri believes in strategic, direct, timely and transparent messaging that speaks to “why this matters.” Personal accountability is at the core of her work ethic.

Lorri’s professional experience spans a number of Saskatchewan government ministries and Crown corporations in roles of increasing responsibility, including Highways, Finance, Health, STC and SGI. Lorri holds a Journalism and Communications degree from the University of Regina. She is a two-time recipient of the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service.

VP of Corporate Services – John Billington

As the Vice President of Corporate Services, John's main area of focus is the corporation's budget development and submission process, working collaboratively with the Ministry of Health and health system partners. He is also responsible for eHealth contracts and procurement, strategy, policy, business relationship management, enterprise risk management and records management.

John's extensive professional experience includes financial and leadership roles in a variety of government ministries including three years as the Executive Director of Corporate Services at the Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement, a lengthy period at Finance, as well as roles at Government Relations and Municipal Affairs.

John is a people first practitioner and appreciates the importance of building trust and confidence with teammates. He has a knack for seeing how things might someday be in an organization and collaboratively working with coworkers to achieve that vision.