Change of Sex Designation

Change of Sex on Birth Certificate and Other Vital Event Registrations (i.e. Marriage)

Effective July 2020, a non-binary gender marker of "X" is available on vital event registrations and applicable certificates as part of the change of sex designation process, to individuals who do not identify as male or female.  The non-binary marker (X) can be used on any subsequent registrations (i.e. Marriage) or certificates once the birth registration has been amended.  At this time, the available options on vital event registrations are Male, Female, and X (Non-Binary).

Please note that anyone can request a birth certificate without a sex designation displayed.  This does not require you to change the sex designation on your birth certificate.  You would simply need to complete the Application for Birth Certificate and check the option that you do not want sex displayed on your birth certificate. 

Change of Sex on Health Card

Effective March 2021, Saskatchewan residents were able to remove sex designation from their health card. Effective August 2021, a further change was made to recognize that the original binary choices were not inclusive of all Saskatchewan residents. The display options are M, F, X, or non display.    

Please note that anyone can request a health card without a sex designation displayed. Simply complete the Change of Information Request Replacement Card form and select the health card option you prefer.


For the forms to complete to change your sex designation on your Saskatchewan birth certificate or health card please click the link below that applies to you:

1) I was born in Saskatchewan and live in Saskatchewan, Form #1

2) I was born in Saskatchewan but do not live in Saskatchewan,  Form #2

3) I was not born in Saskatchewan but live in Saskatchewan, Form #3


If you need more information, please email: