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​How to Use MySaskHealthRecord

Share Your Health Information

To share your MySaskHealthRecord account with anyone else who has a MySaskHealthRecord account:

  1. Log in to the website or mobile app.
  2. Click on your initials in the top right corner.
  3. Select "Share Record" and follow the steps outlined on the page.

Healthcare providers don't have access to your MySaskHealthRecord account. You may choose to show your healthcare provider information in your account using a tablet or smartphone over an internet connection.

Access Someone Else's Health Information

To access the health information of someone you care for, contact eHealth's Privacy Service or call 1-855-347-5465.

Learn more about the process for accessing the health information of your children under 14.

Sign up For Notifications

Get notified when new information is added to your record. Visit the home page of your MySaskHealthRecord account on the website or mobile app. Scroll down to Notifications and click on "New Provincial Data." This is where you can set up the notification email address(es) and, if desired, add push notifications to your Android or iOS mobile app. 

Reporting Errors

Errors in your MySaskHealthRecord account may happen. You can report any suspected errors in your MSHR account to eHealth Saskatchewan by contacting the eHealth Service Desk at:

You can also use the "Report an Error" link on the right hand side of MySaskHealthRecord or complete this form. You will be asked to provide details about the suspected error, which will initiate an investigation by the Citizen Services Team.

Some information, such as clinical documents, is dictated using a voice recognition software. This software can make minor errors that may not impact the quality or safety of your care. If a clinical document or other information in your MySaskHealthRecord account contains a significant error, you may request a correction. Examples include referencing the wrong side of the body (left leg, instead of right leg) may result in the wrong side of the body being treated, or a significant error in age may result in an incorrect medication dose.

To report an error in a clinical document from the Saskatchewan Health Authority:

  • The eHealth Service Desk will send your question/concern to the appropriate support team. The support team will work with the health care professional who dictated the document to review your concern and determine how it should be addressed.
  • You will be contacted regarding your concern and informed how it was addressed
  • The corrected document will then be available in your health record.

To report an error in a clinical document from Saskatchewan Cancer Agency:

  • Contact Allan Blair Cancer Centre:  306-766-2213
  • Contact Saskatoon Cancer Centre: 306-655-2662

Questions About Test Results

If you have questions about your medical lab test results, please contact your healthcare provider. eHealth is not responsible for any test results and we can't fast track them.