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Access Your Child's Health Information in MySaskHealthRecord

Parents and legal guardians can request access to the health information of their children under the age of 14 in MySaskHealthRecord. To request access, please follow the steps below.

Children 14 or older must create their own MySaskHealthRecord account.


Sign Up for MySaskHealthRecord

You must have your own MySaskHealthRecord account to request access to your child's health information in MySaskHealthRecord. Your child's information will be directly tied to your account.

Create Account

Complete the Request Form 

Once you've successfully signed up for MySaskHealthRecord, please review and complete the form torequest access your child's information in MySaskHealthRecord:          

Request Form


Collect Supporting Documentation

Refer to Section 3 of the form to learn what to submit as proof of parentage/guardianship with your request. Examples include a long-form birth certificate, adoption order, or guardianship order. 

NEW - Don't have proof of parentage? If your child was born in Saskatchewan, eHealth has developed an interim process that allows an eligible person to authorize Vital Statistics to provide verification of proof of parentage. Contact the eHealth Privacy Service for more information.


Submit the Request Form and Supporting Documentation

Email the completed Request Form and proof of parentage/guardianship documentation to: privacyandaccess@eHealthSask.ca

Once we receive your request, the eHealth Privacy Service will link your child’s information to your account and notify you. You can then log into your MySaskHealthRecord account and click/tap the round green button (top right of the screen) containing your personal initials, to call up a menu and access your child’s information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at privacyandaccess@eHealthSask.ca or 1-855-eHS-LINK (347-5465).