Requesting access to a COVID-19 vaccine record

​With a MySaskHealthRecord account you can access/print your COVID-19 vaccine record, now with a QR code, which will be able to be scanned by businesses/organizations to verify your vaccination status. Visit here for more information, including instructional videos and steps on how to access/use your vaccine record with QR code. 

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

NOTE: The following processes are intended for citizens who are not eligible for MySaskHealthRecord.
If you have a MySaskHealthRecord account, you do not need to submit a request, as your COVID-19 proof of vaccine record is available in MySaskHealthRecord. Citizens are encouraged to set up an account if they do not already have one. 

Saskatchewan citizens 14+ who are not eligible for a MySaskHealthRecord account

Parents/legal guardians who are not eligible for a MySaskHealthRecord account who have children under the age of 14
    • Completed form
    • Proof of parentage/guardianship
    • Any additional documents (e.g., custody order)

Once your request and any supporting documentation has been received, the eHealth Privacy Service will process your request and send you a copy of the COVID-19 proof of vaccine record by Canada Post or by email if an email address is provided. Please note: This is a manual process and it will take longer to fullfil a request; by signing up for MySaskHealthRecord, you will receive a record sooner.

Things to be aware of:
  • QR Codes/Creasing - eHealth will take measures to prevent the QR code from being creased when mailed out; however, please be aware that if a QR code becomes creased, it may hinder it from being read by a scanner. This is not an issue if you sign up for a MySaskHealthRecord account and save a digital record with QR code to your device. 
  • Change in Vaccination Status – If your vaccination status changes, for example, you receive a booster vaccination, you will need to request a new COVID-19 proof of vaccine record. This does not apply to COVID-19 proof of vaccine records in MySaskHealthRecord. With MySaskHealthRecord you are easily able to generate an updated record with QR code.
  • Proof of Parentage – Proof of parentage is a legal document that lists you as the parent/legal guardian of the child. Examples of proof of parentage include a long-form birth certificate, guardianship order, or adoption order. If you do not have proof of parentage and your child was born in Saskatchewan, eHealth has developed an interim process where an eligible person can provide authorization for Vital Statistics to provide verification of proof of parentage. Please contact the eHealth Privacy Service at or 1-855-347-5465 for more information.