Requesting Access to Information

All Government of Saskatchewan ministries, agencies and Crown corporations will implement a phased-in work from home policy effective Monday, March 23, applicable to employees deemed non-essential.  

Your access to information request matters; however, eHealth's ability to respond to access to information requests within the 30 day legislated time frames will likely be impacted in the coming weeks. We will do our best to continue to process all requests and will update you as we are able. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause for you.

If you wish to contact us please direct your correspondence to


‚ÄčeHealth Saskatchewan is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability to the public.

Please read the below headings carefully to ensure you are following the correct process to request the type of information you are seeking.

Residents can register for MySaskHealthRecord to receive quick and easy access to a secure website that contains your personal health information, such as:

  • Laboratory Test Results
  • Medical Imaging Reports
  • Clinical Visit History, such as hospital visits

If you have any questions about MySaskHealthRecord, or need assistance with registration or your account, please contact the Support Line at 1-844-767-8259.

eHealth Saskatchewan is currently working to support access to MySaskHealthRecord for minors aged 12-17. The interim process is not available for those between the ages of 12-17 due to the possibility of sensitive information in MySaskHealthRecord; minors between those ages may be considered mature minors.

Please remember that the information in MySaskHealthRecord contains personal health information beyond COVID-19 results. We apologize for the inconvenience at this time.

For minors between the ages of 12-15, parents and guardians can request a copy of their personal health information in the provincial electronic health record by completing the form found under the Privacy Page of the eHealth Saskatchewan website and submitting it to the eHealth Privacy Service. Minors aged 16 older up can request their own information through paper copies using the same form.

Please note when COVID-19 results are positive, the local Medical Health Officer and the ordering physician are immediately informed. Patients with positive test results will be notified of their results by medical authorities. If testing was ordered by a family physician, the physician will connect back with the patient.

eHealth can provide copies of your information from in the eHR Viewer .
To request copies of your personal health information in the eHR Viewer, complete the Request for Access to PHI form and submit it to the eHealth Privacy Service.

Individuals have the right to request access information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). FOIP requires that access shall be permitted to records in the possession or under control of eHealth Saskatchewan.

To request records in the possession and/or control of eHealth Saskatchewan, complete and submit the Access to Information Request Form to the eHealth Privacy Service. The completed form will need to be submitted by mail or email to the contact information on the left-hand side of this page.