eHealth Privacy Service

‚ÄčThe eHealth Privacy Service (eHPS) provides services to Saskatchewan residents related to the:

  • Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP)
  • Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)
  • MySaskHealthRecord
  • the eHR Viewer

The eHealth Privacy Service is here to help answer questions, discuss any concerns, and to facilitate requests for the following:

  • Masking of your personal health information
  • Full block of your eHR Viewer profile
  • Removal of masking or full block of your personal health information
  • Audits  so you can see who has viewed your personal health information
  • Providing you a copy of your personal health information in the eHR Viewer 

The Health Information Protection Act requires the eHealth Privacy Service to respond to all requests for masking, full block, and audit, and access requests within 30 calendar days from when the request is received.

QR Code access:

  • Access to the phone camera is required in order to read QR codes. No image from the camera is recorded.
  • Access to files and the phone's photo library is required in order to import an existing QR code. Once the QR code is imported, apps do not keep a copy of the image.
  • No image, whether it is imported from a file, the photo library or from the camera is transmitted or processed outside of the apps.