MySaskHealthRecord is a secure website that enables Saskatchewan citizens to quickly and easily access their personal health information. Those who sign up will be able to access their information such as laboratory test results, medical imaging reports and clinical visit history (displayed as inpatient, outpatient or emergency visits to a health care facility) from across the province. All personal information in MySaskHealthRecord is stored securely and can only be accessed through a highly secure, personalized login.

MySaskHealthRecord allows you to track information, such as:

  • Medical Record
    • Clinical Visit History, such as hospital visits
    • Laboratory Test Results
    • Medical Imaging Reports
    • Prescription History
    • Immunization History
  • Personal Health Summary
    • Allergies
    • Family History
    • Medical Conditions/Procedures
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Measurements
    • Body Dimensions (Height, Weight, BMI)
    • Diabetic Health (Blood Glucose, HbA1C)
    • Heart Health (Cholesterol, Blood Pressure)
    • Personal Logs (Exercise, Dietary, Sleep)
    • Respiratory Health (Asthma, Peak Flow Measurements)
  • Personal Scheduling Log
    • Appointments
    • Reminders
    • Health Provider Contacts

    For the latest list of health information available in MySaskHealthRecord, please visit or call 1-844-767-8259.


Information within MySaskHealthRecord will be populated by three different sources:

  • Provincial Repositories (Three years of historical data will be loaded upon successful registration):

    • Clinical Visit History – Visit information displayed as inpatient, outpatient or emergency as collected from health care facilities from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.
    • Laboratory Results Electronic results from the Saskatchewan Health Authority laboratories. It is important to note that some labs do not produce electronic results, so they may not be included in MySaskHealthRecord.
    • Medical Imaging Reports Finalized diagnostic reports provided from the Saskatchewan Health Authority and private radiology organizations.

  • Self-Entered: Patients can manually enter data in any of the sections within their MySaskHealthRecord.

  • Connected Devices: Patients can connect their personal applications or devices to sync data into their MySaskHealthRecord. For a full listing of supported applications or devices, please visit:


To sign up for MySaskHealthRecord you must:

  • Be a Saskatchewan resident 18 years of age or older; AND
  • Have an active Saskatchewan health card; AND
  • Have a valid Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) driver’s licence or SGI photo ID card.

Please click here to sign up for MySaskHealthRecord and follow the registration steps. If you have any questions or need assistance, please use the online assistant or call the eHealth Saskatchewan Service Desk at 1-844-767-8259.

To sign up for MySaskHealthRecord, you must have an active Saskatchewan health card and a valid Saskatchewan Government Insurance(SGI) driver's licence or SGI photo ID card.

Your information also needs to be up-to-date with eHealth Saskatchewan, such as full name, date of birth and current mailing address. To ensure your health card information is up-to-date, please visit or contact eHealth Saskatchewan at 1-800-667-7551.

Once your information has been verified, eHealth Saskatchewan will send a letter with your secure PIN to the mailing address associated with your health card. The letter should arrive in 5-10 business days. When you receive it, you will be able to sign in and enter your PIN to connect to MySaskHealthRecord.

If you were not born in Canada, your legal entitlement document may only have a last name and no first name listed (i.e. Last Name: John Jacob Smith, First Name: [BLANK]). If this is the case, your SGI driver’s licence or SGI photo ID card may only have the last name listed on the card.

For Saskatchewan health cards, both the last name and first name fields must be filled in. eHealth Saskatchewan’s standard is to enter the last name into the first name field if you don’t have a first name (i.e. Last Name: John Jacob Smith, First Name: John Jacob Smith). Please enter your last name into both the last name and first name fields if this situation applies to you when you complete the health card information during registration.

You can access MySaskHealthRecord on computers, tablets and smartphones. Please note that MySaskHealthRecord is not an App.

As your results become available in the provincial electronic health record, they will also become available in MySaskHealthRecord.

At this time, those who have a MySaskHealthRecord account can only access their own personal health information and are unable to share information or see others’ information. However, eHealth Saskatchewan is actively working to phase in the ability to share information with others, including family members in MySaskHealthRecord.

Health care providers will not be able to access your MySaskHealthRecord account or any of their patients' MySaskHealthRecord accounts. However, you may use a mobile tablet or smartphone to show your health care provider information on your MySaskHealthRecord account, if you choose to do so.

Please use any of the following support channels:

  • Go to the eHealth Saskatchewan's website: for more information on MySaskHealthRecord.
  • Message the online assistant on the MySaskHealthRecord page on
  • Call the eHealth Saskatchewan Service Desk at 1-844-767-8259 for more information and to ask questions about MySaskHealthRecord.


You cannot delete or modify any of your provincially sourced information. You can, however, modify or delete information that was entered yourself or uploaded from a device.

You are in control of who views your personal health information on MySaskHealthRecord. All personal information is stored securely and can only be accessed by individual users through a highly secure, personalized login. eHealth Saskatchewan has taken the reasonable steps to assist in the protection of its users' information, including the use of firewall technology and the implementation of internal security policies and procedures. eHealth Saskatchewan will continue to monitor security risks and concerns and will update and implement security measures as appropriate and practical to do so.