Access Intellispace PACS for Web and Desktop

​​IntelliSpace PACS is an application that gives authorized users access to patient information and images.

Users can access IntelliSpace PACS on their desktop device by:

  • Downloading and installing the IntelliSpace PACS application; or
  • Accessing IntelliSpace PACS using the web-based application (requires Internet Explorer)​

Regional Health Authority Users: Contact your local Information Technology support to get Regional access to IntelliSpace PACS.

Downloading and Installing the IntelliSpace PACS Application

Non-regional users will need to download and install the IntelliSpace PACS application to access diagnostic images.

Ensure you are first connected to VPN and have local administrative rights to the chosen desktop device.

Login to IntelliSpace PACS​


If you have any questions about the installation process, or need more information, contact the eHealth Service Desk at:

  • 1-888-316-7446​​