Access PACS Anywhere Viewer for Mobile

​​​​​​​​​​PACS Anywhere Viewer is available for users who use Mac OS, tablet and mobile devices. The web-based application is designed for users to view images, and is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Login to PACS Anywhere ​Viewer​​
​Users can now securely connect using PACS Anywhere Viewer for mobile using a compatible web browser. Virtual Private Network (VPN) network access is no longer required.​​​​

​​PACS Anywhere View​er does not require installation – other than having a supported HTML 5 compliant browser and platform.

User Documentation


If you encounter any difficulties using your web browser to connect to PACS Anywhere Viewer, you may need to connect via VPN. To do this, download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client instructions.​​​