Health Care Resources for Physicians

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​​Resources developed for phyisicans who currently are, or wish to, practice medicine in Saskatchewan.

​Physician Recruitment in Saskatchewan

For more information, visit ​- a one stop shop for physicians and their families wanting to live and work in Saskatchewan. Also known as the Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan.​

Physician Payment Schedules, Newsletters and Bulletins

Payment Schedules​ Physician Newsletter​ Operational Bulletins​

​Physician Compensation Programs​

Visit the Physician Compensation Programs page​ to learn more about compensation programs in Saskatchewan, including the General Practitioner (GP) - Specialist Program, Specialist Emergency Coverage Program, Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program, Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program (FPCCP), and Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program.​

Patient Experience Surveys - Resources

Improving primary health care is one of the Saskatchewan health system's priorities. To support this goal, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council has developed a series of surveys to assess patient experience. These surveys can be used in primary health care clinics, doctors’ offices, public health sites or chronic disease management programs.

Our health care system can learn a lot from patients. One way to find out what’s working well and where we can do better is to simply ask them.

Patient experience surveys help to:

  • prioritize improvement opportunities; and
  • identify initiatives that improve patient care. 

The Health Quality Council also developed a helpful Patient Experience Survey Toolkit to guide health providers as they plan for and begin surveying, and as they use the results to inform ongoing improvement efforts.

For more information, see the Health Quality Council's patient surveying resources.​​

Other Physician Resources

Electronic Remittance - Multiple Physicians

Electronic Remittance - Single Physician

Direct Deposit Payment Request - Professional Corporation

Direct Deposit Payment Request - Non-Professional Corporation

Prior Approval for Abdominoplasty

Health Provider Questionnaire

MAID - Billing Information Sheet

Obstetric Ultrasounds - Billing Information Sheet

Physician Profile Request Form

Physician Request for Income Statement

Request for Review of ​Claim Assessment

SECP Physician Application Form​​

Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA)​

The Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) is the new process for assessing family medicine International Medical Graduates' (IMGs) readiness to practise in Saskatchewan. The assessment will ensure that family medicine IMGs have the appropriate mix of academic knowledge, technical skills, and clinical judgement to provide safe patient care.

As of January 1, 2011, all IMGs will be required to take this Saskatchewan-based assessment before practising in the community to which they were recruited. For more information, visit the SIPPA website.

Incorporating Your Pra​ctic​e​

Visit the Incorporating Your Practice page​​ to learn how The Business Corporations Act of Saskatchewan applies to physicians practising in Saskatchewan.​

Saskatchewan Medical Association Agreement

Learn more about the Agreement Between the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the province.

Physician's Obligation to Protect Health Information

Read the Letter from the Minister of Health addressing abandoned medical files, released April 2011.​

“Number of Visits” Visit Services Policy Clarification

The Ministry of Health does not have a policy limiting doctors to dealing with one medical issue per patient visit.​​

Confirming a patient’s identity and eligibility for health care benefits​

Physicians and nurse practitioners can use the Person Health Registration System and the Provider Coverage Viewer to confirm a patient’s identity and eligibility for health care benefits and programs in Saskatchewan.
You must be an authorized user to access these electronic tools.

To request an application to use the Person Health Registration System and/or the Provider Coverage Viewer, contact the eHealth Saskatchewan Service Desk.​​

Notifying Occupational Health and Safety of a Patient’s Notifiable Disease

Saskatchewan physicians must notify Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) when one of their patient is affected with or suffering from a notifiable disease​.​​

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