Incorporating Your Practice

​Contact with your College or Association​ should be done very early in the overall process. Once your Professional Corporation has been registered with your appropriate College or Association, you may submit the necessary information to the Medical Services Branch of the Ministry of Health.

In addition to a copy of​ the College or Association permit, the Ministry ​requires:
  • Professional Corporation form;
  • New Direct Payment Agreement with the Professional Corporation; and
  • Professional Corporation Application for Direct Deposit of Payment(s) form.

Obtain forms by calling 306-798-0013 or email

In order to bill as a Professional Corporation, all claims (except for claims requiring a paper report) for a doctor must be submitted by computer. If you have any questions about computerization, please call 306-787-3473.

The Medical Services Branch computer system has been modified to handle the submission, payment and return of both Professional Corporation and individual claims or files. The Corporation Indicator field on the Header record of your automated claim submission indicates whether the file is for the individual doctor or the Professional Corporation.

The same doctor and clinic number will be used whether claims are for the individual doctor or the Professional Corporation.

Any doctor (including a locum or resident) can bill through the Professional Corporation of another doctor.​​

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