Physician Compensation Programs

​General Practitioner (GP) - Specialist Program

The General Practitioner - Specialist Program provides a bonus payment and mentorship to family physicians that provide Anesthesia, Surgery and Obstetrics services in rural and regional areas. This program took effect April 1, 2011.

The mentorship program for GP Surgery and GP Obstetrics are still under development. For more information about the GP Anesthesia Mentorship Program, please contact the Saskatchewan Medical Association​ or at 306-244-2196.​

Specialist Emergency Coverage Program

The Specialist Emergency Coverage Program (SECP) was created in 2001 to meet the emergency medical needs of new or unassigned patients requiring specialty care, and to ensure that specialists providing coverage as part of an established call rotation are fairly compensated for being available to provide this service.

The program is managed by a committee, with representation from the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), regional health authorities and the Ministry of Health. The committee is accountable to, and provides advice to, the Minister of Health and the SMA board of directors.

Applying for a call rotation

Physician specialty groups and regional health authorities who are interested in applying for a call rotation or applying for a change in status of an existing call rotation should review the Program Policies and Administrative Guidelines (see Related Documents, below) and send a completed application form to Medical Services Branch, Saskatchewan Health.

Application deadlines

Deadlines for applications are January 31 and August 31 of each year. The committee meets twice annually to review applications and monitor existing call rotations.

Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program

Funding available to pay physicians for eligible time they spend on quality improvement (QI) projects, the Lean Leadership Certification Program and Lean/QI training.​

Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program (FPCCP)

The Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program (FPCCP) provides funding for and is intended to recognize family physicians for the value and continuity of care they provide to patients when they provide a full range of services. The program is also intended to incent more physicians in providing comprehensive care.​

Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program

The Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP) helps ensure the best possible care for patients living with a chronic disease.

The program:

  • Provides clinical tools to health care providers to help them follow best practices when they provide care; and
  • Collects data that gives health care providers a clear and complete picture of a patient's condition and care history.​

Medical Service Branch Annual Reports

Learn more about Physician Compensation Programs by reading the Medical Service Branch annual reports - statistical data on the ministry's medical programs, including the Medical Services Plan, Medical Education, and Medical Remuneration.​​Specialist-Emergency-Coverage-Program-SECP-Updated-November-2019.pdf