The Saskatchewan Referral/Consult Checklist

‚ÄčThe Canadian Medical Association's 2011 Referral Survey found physicians across the country continue to experience issues in the referral-consultation process.

Incomplete referrals can cause frustration and delays for patients which result in longer wait times to see specialists and get answers to patient's health care needs.  

Building a Better Referral

The Saskatchewan Referral/Consult Checklist is aimed to improve standards of care for physician practice, and in turn, support better access to care for Saskatchewan residents. This handy tool developed by doctors will help you include the right information in your referral and consult letters, telephone consults, and dictation notes.

 Saskatchewan-Referral-Consult-Checklist2.pngThe Saskatchewan Referral/Consult Checklist was collaboratively created with the Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE) Committee who is composed of members from t he University of Alberta, the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. The QuRE initiative has now expanded to joint partnerships with Saskatchewan, the Kootenay Region of British Columbia and Ontario.

"Good communication between physicians in the referral-consultation process not only facilitates timely access to care for patients but can also be exceptionally satisfying to the physicians themselves as they consult with each other about how best to address their patients' needs'. A "good" consultation begins before the consultation and continues thereafter." (The CFPC and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 2009)

Related Resources: An Automated Referral Template was also developed to assist the physicians in their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Referral Process (more information can be found under Automated Referral Template page).

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