Automated Referral Template

​"Appropriate referral and consultation information as well as good communication between referring and consulting physicians are essential components of "safe" care. Good communication between physicians in the referral-consultation process not only facilitates timely access to care for patients but can also be exceptionally satisfying to the physicians themselves as they consult with each other about how best to address their patients' needs." College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 2009

The automated referral template was developed to help simplify the process of writing a good referral letter. The template automatically populates patient information from the physician's EMR to ensure relevant patient information is included. This makes sure specialists are able to assess and prioritize patients for timely care.

The template…

  • Is already available in your EMRs:
    • MedAccess - Generic Referral (SK) Template
    • Accuro - EMR Generic Referral Form
  • Makes it easy to prepare a referral letter that meets best-practice guidelines.
  • Saves time by automatically including information from the patient charts.
  • Ensures all necessary information is included to support the assessment and triage by the specialist.
  • Designed by specialists and family physicians.
  • Clearly identifies the type of consultation being requested (one-time, shared care, transfer of care).
  • Reduces phone calls from specialist offices requesting additional information.

Using the template can facilitate timely, safe care for your patients

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Related Resources:  The Saskatchewan Referral/Consult Checklist, a handy tool developed by doctors will help you include the right information in your referral and consult letters, telephone consults, and dictation notes 



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