Pooled Referrals

The typical referral process can be time consuming and frustrating for patients and physicians. In most cases, patients are sent to a specific specialist where the wait time will depend on the length of the specialist's waiting list. Specialist's wait times can vary for a variety of reasons and can result in two patients with the same condition and acuity having very different wait times. 

Pooled referrals offer referring physicians and their patients more choices. More and more specialties are using pooled referrals to reduce wait times and improve patient access. Pooled referral systems direct patients to the next available specialist able to treat the patient's condition yet still allow physicians to make direct referrals to a specific specialist using the same referral process. However, choosing to see a specific specialist could result in your patients waiting longer. See illustration below.

Benefits of pooling referrals may include:

  • Shorter wait times for first consult.
  • Less confusion about who to refer your patient to (no more referral ping pong).
  • Ensures patient referrals go to the appropriate specialist – the first time.
  • Written confirmation of referral review and acceptance (improving collegial communication).
  • Enhanced data to help specialists reduce their wait times, improve their processes, and overall department patient access.


Additionally, pooled referrals allows specialists to easily redirect referrals within their department if they believe a colleague is better suited to help your patient.  In such situations, a notification will be provided to you to assist with the management of your patient's care.

In a pooled referral system, the patient, the specialist, and the referring physicians are provided the information necessary to provide the best patient care while ensuring the appropriate utilization of resources.  Further reducing patient wait times, improving patient access and capturing the data necessary to inform each specialty with department level data required for appropriate recruitment and retention required to serve patients.

How to implement Pooled Referrals in your Clinic

Please download "Guide for Referring Health Providers" PDF.

Specialists Pooling Referrals through Referral Management Service (RMS) ​    Fax Number ​Referral Form/
​ Specialists will notify your office of acceptance of the referral within 10 days of receipt.
Orthopedic Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
(effective  February 1, 2024)

PDF Form
Regina ​ ​
Obstetrics and Gynecology1-855-355-1921 PDF Form
Saskatoon ​ ​
​1-855-355-1921PDF Form
Adult Psychiatry​1-855-355-1921 PDF Form
Neurosurgery1-855-355-1921PDF Form
Respirology (effective February 12, 2024)
PDF Form
Moose Jaw ​ ​
​Obstetrics and Gynecology​1-855-355-1921 PDF  Form
​Obstetrics and Gynecology​1-855-355-1921
PDF Form
​Prince Albert ​ ​
​General Surgical​1-855-355-1921PDF  Form
​Endoscopy​1-855-355-1921PDF  Form
Obstetrics and Gynecology1-855-355-1921​PDF Form


Independent Groups that Pool Referrals ouside RMS​  Fax NumberReferral Form/
These are independent pools and RMS is unable to provide any additional information regarding these groups or the services they provide.
​Regina ​ ​
CVT Associates (cardiovascular and thoracic)1-306-766-6920Located in EMR
Regina Spine Pathway Clinic1-306-766-7551​Located in EMR
Saskatoon ​ ​
​Child Psychiatry
​Located in EMR
​Saskatoon Spine Pathway Clinic​1-306-655-8951​Located in EMR
​Saskatoon Foot and Ankle Clinic​1-306-244-4545​Located in EMR
​Thoracic Surgeons​1-306-655-5771​Located in EMR
​Urology Associates​1-306-653-4386​Located in EMR
​Vascular Surgeons​1-306-653-8832​Located in EMR
North Battleford ​ ​
​Obstetrics and Gynecology​1-306-446-5055​Located in EMR
​Prince Albert ​ ​
​Orthopedics​1-306-953-8976​Located in EMR
​ If you would like your group to be added to this list, please contact us with the details. 

Pooled referrals are supported by the Saskatchewan Medical Association, the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, Saskatchewan's Senior Medical Officers and the Ministry of Health. 

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