​Registering a Death

​By law, every death in Saskatchewan must be registered with eHealth Saskatchewan. Registering a death is necessary to legalize a death and to order a Death Certificate.

Below is information on the process to register a death:

1) A Medical/nurse practitioner completes the information related to cause of death of the deceased on a Medical Certificate of Death.

2) A funeral director collects the Medical Certificate of Death from the medical/nurse practitioner and meets with next of kin to complete a Statement of Death.

3) A funeral home mails the above information to eHealth Registries, Vital Statistics.  This may take up to a month or longer for eHealth to receive this information through the mail.

4) Upon receipt of all the required information eHealth registers the death.

5) Once the death is registered, a request for a death certificate can be processed.

     **If the death is already registered, death certificates are usually processed within six to
         eight weeks after receiving an application for a death certificate.  This does not include
         mailing time.  

     **If the death has not yet been registered, additional time will be required before a death
         certificate can be processed.

eHealth recognizes there are significant delays in the current paper-based death registration process.  Work is underway to replace the current paper process with an electronic process that will significantly reduce the delays for eHealth to receive all the required information to register a death and issue death certificates.

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