eHR Viewer Audits

Registered users of the eHR Viewer have a responsibility to keep the information they access safe and secure.

As such, eHealth Saskatchewan has implemented safeguards to ensure patient information is accessed safely, securely, and only on a "need to know" basis.

​eHR Viewer Event Audits

One of these safeguards is the ability to audit all eHR Viewer user activity events. This means both patients and Privacy and Accessorganizations have the ability to request audit reports of who has looked at records in eHR Viewer.

All views of personal health information are tracked, including:

  • the name of the health care provider who viewed the information;
  • the time and date the information was viewed; and 
  • the information that was viewed.

These views of personal health information are called events. Some of the events that can be tracked can include "Breaking the glass" when accessing masked records, or viewing laboratory profile events.

​Organization Audit Report

eHealth Saskatchewan will provide audit reports to organizations registered for eHR Viewer access.

Registered organizations will need to complete and submit the Request for Organization Audit Report Form to begin the reporting process.

For more information on auditing, contact the eHealth Privacy Service at: