Training Resources for eHR Viewer

​​​The following training videos have been developed for authorized providers who have been approved to use the eHR Viewer. The videos are grouped based on a user's specific roles.

Getting Started with eHR Viewer

Information for health care professionals already registered for eHR Viewer who are already providing health care services to patients.

Mandatory Introduction Training Videos


​Approver Training

Training materials for users who have been identified as an eHR Viewer approver for their organization.

Approver Privacy and Security of the eHR Viewer

Approving an Electronic Application

Delegating Approver Duties for the eHR Viewer

Disabling an End User's Account for Your Organization


Recovering Forgotten Password

Registering for access to the eHR Viewer

The Responsibilities of an Approver

​Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program Training

Training sessions developed for health care professionals and their designated staff members enrolled in the Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP).

Access Chronic Disease Management Training