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​​​​​CHANGES TO eHR VIEWER: eHealth is enhancing the provincial eHR Viewer as part of ongoing efforts to make the program more user-friendly.​

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The electronic Health Record (eHR) Viewer is a secure website authorized health care providers can use to access patient information, no matter where a patient presents for care.

The types of information available in the​ eHR Viewer includes (click each title for more information):​

  • Laboratory Results
    • Description: The eHR Viewer houses more than 94% of all laboratory results processed in Saskatchewan, such as: blood tests, urine and glucose tests and throat swabs.
    • Location: All of the Sasatchewan Health Authority(SHA) *Excluding former KYRHA, AHA
    • Summary: Laboratory data from Health Authority Lab sites as well as the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory formerly the Saskatchewan Disease Control Lab
  • Medication Information
    • Description: Medication information is displayed from the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) since 2015.
    • Location: All Community Pharmacies
    • Summary: 100% of all community pharmacies; dispensed medication profile from PIP | Additional information is also available such as: Drug allergies, pharmaceutical notes and other medication information such as contraindications.
  • ​Immunization Information
    • Description: The eHR Viewer displays immunization information sourced from within the provincial application for public health- Panorama.
    • Location: SHA - All
    • Summary: Immunization data from Panorama available for providers through EHR Viewer | The Viewer also displays immunizations administered by health care providers that are reported to Public Health.
  • Transcribed Clinical Documents
    • Description: The eHR Viewer displays information submitted by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency including; consultations, letter and progress notes, history and physical, operative reports and discharge summary reports.
    • Location: Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, PAPHR, SktnHR
    • Summary: Clinical notes – consultations, progress notes, review patient follow-up and radiotherapy | Discharge summaries – from physician, Cancer Agency, from specialty, and consult notes | ED Physician Consult and ED Assessment documents from SCM available through clinical documents tab | As available, these additional transcribed clinical documents from the provincial transcription system (M*Modal) will accessible in the EHR Viewer
  • M​edical Ima​ging Reports
    • Description: The eHR Viewer displays medical imaging reports form the Provincial Radiology Information System (RIS) since October 25, 2014 and houses information such as: Computed Tomography, Mammography, General Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasounds
    • Location: SHA – All / Community Based Radiology (CBR) - Mayfair, Radiology Associates of Regina
    • Summary
  • Hospital Visits
    • Description: The eHR Viewer contains admission, discharge and transfer information from Saskatchewan hospitals since 2013.
    • Location: SHA - All
    • Summary: ADT Visit data from Registration systems within the health regions
  • Chronic Disease Information
    • Description: The eHR Viewer displays best practice indicators for Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease collected for the Chronic Disease Management- Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP) by health care providers enrolled in the program.
    • Location: SHA & SMA EMRs
    • Summary: Chronic Disease Management clinical standards data submitted from EMRs including Diabetes, COPD, CHF, CAD

What eHR Viewer Does for Providers

  • Enabling Better Care: by providing a provincial view of patient information that complements other available health care information.

  • Providing Better Value: reducing the need for duplicate testing and results in fewer administrative tasks.


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