In consultation with the Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner, eHealth Saskatchewan (eHS), the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health are providing an update on the eHealth malware attack reported in January 2020 and advising Saskatchewan residents that a privacy breach of personal health information may have occurred as a result of the malware attack.

eHS, SHA and Ministry of Health take the safeguarding and protection of personal health information very seriously and immediately launched a months-long forensic investigation following the ransomware attack. Following the forensic investigation, eHealth advises that a breach of personal health information has potentially occurred. The breach impacted information on systems administered by eHS for the SHA and Ministry of Health.

While the forensic investigation rendered no evidence that personal health information was compromised, the investigation was unable to rule out a breach of personal health information. The inability to absolutely verify that no privacy breach occurred is leading to public notification of a potential privacy breach involving personal information or personal health information.

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Privacy and Security

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At eHealth Saskatchewan, we take our duty to protect the privacy and confidentiality of health information very seriously. We have robust safeguards in place to help keep this information secure and confidential.

We do this by ensuring that this private information is only accessed by the right people, at the right time. We also continuously work with our health partners, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Ministry of Health, to help ensure the information is collected, used and disclosed according to legislation. ​

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