Electronic Medical Record

​The number of physicians with access using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in their practice is growing every day.

Since working with the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), more than 80 per cent of eligible physicians have implemented an EMR as part of their practice.

The EMR replaces the paper files that would typically be seen in a clinic. Aside from reducing paper, the EMR offers many other benefits for providers including:

  • Improved quality of care;
  • Better organization and access to information within the medical record;
  • Reduction in staff time in transition, pulling, and filing paper charts;
  • Ease of access to information in emergency situations;
  • A reduction in the space required to store files;
  • Better control over retention and destruction of records;
  • Greater coordination and continuity of care among providers;
  • A reduction in billing errors;
  • A reduction in adverse drug events; and
  • Lower drug, laboratory, and radiology utilization and reduced duplication.

 Visit the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s EMR Program webpage to find out more.