​​Changing your Surname After Marriage

Once you are married, you can change your surname to:

  • the surname of your spouse
  • a hyphenated form of your surname and the surname of your spouse – note that a surname can only be composed of two separate names joined by a hyphen (e.g. Smith-Jones)
  • your pre-marriage surname
  • your birth surname

If you want to change your surname after you get married in a way that does not accord with the rules set out above, you will need to apply for a legal name change.

Name Changes for Common-Law Spouses

If you have a Common-Law spouse and you want to change your name, you must file a declaration to that effect. Please contact us for more information.

What to do After a Name Change

If you change your name after being married, divorced, widowed, or having a ​marriage legally annulled, you may want to contact your banking institution, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), and Update your Health Card.

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