2021 News Releases

Two New Apps Launched To Support Proof Of COVID-19 Vaccination

Released on September 29, 2021

To support Saskatchewan's mandatory proof of vaccination requirements, businesses or organizations may now choose to download and use a free app that will read QR codes presented by customers - SK Vax Verifier. This app can scan the QR code on citizens' COVID-19 vaccination certificates and determine if a person is fully vaccinated or not. 

The SK Vax Verifier app is available in both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

* The verifier app is available on Google Play, though it may not come up in the search as the publishing process can take up to 24hrs.  If you search for “SK Vax Verifier” (with quotation marks) it will show up and can be downloaded.
Once the publishing process is complete by Google the quotation marks will no longer be needed.

The proof of vaccination requirements for specific business sectors comes into effect October 1. 

"Using the SK Vax Verifier app is a quick and easy way for businesses and organizations to determine if a customer is fully vaccinated according to provincial criteria," Health Minister Paul Merriman said. "I encourage businesses and organizations to download this handy tool."

When an individual's QR code is scanned with the SK Vax Verifier app, the app will show either a green indicator to verify the person is fully vaccinated or a red indicator to show they are not. Information is secure, and is not saved/retained in the scanning process. The green/red indicator is based on "fully vaccinated" criteria determined by government, meaning 14-days after receiving:

  • the second of two doses of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) or AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (all interchangeable between the two doses), or 

  • 1 dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine.

The SK Vax Verifier app is not mandatory for business use and QR codes are not required to demonstrate proof of vaccination. Options to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, which businesses may consider are:

  • A QR code/MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate uploaded to SK Vax Wallet

  • A printed copy of your MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate (with or without a QR code)

  • A screenshot of your MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate (with or without a QR code) saved to your device

  • An earlier version of your MySaskHealthRecord COVID-19 vaccine certificate

  • Your wallet card issued at time of vaccinations

  • A COVID-19 vaccine printout from Saskatchewan Health Authority Public Health

Businesses requiring proof of vaccination will also require ID from anyone 18 and older. Youth aged 12-17 will also need to show ID unless accompanied by an adult with proof of vaccination and ID.  

Citizens may also, if they choose, acquire the free SK Vax Wallet app to download their vaccine record and have it easily accessible in the app on their phone. SK Vax Wallet is not mandatory. Benefits include:

  • A personal green/red notice to let you know if you meet the vaccination requirements before you get to an event/business (based on government's vaccination criteria, when scanned by SK Vax Verifier).

  • The ability to keep your whole family's vaccination certificates in one, easy-to-access place.

The SK Vax Wallet app is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

To get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate through MySaskHealthRecord (or to create a new account), visit www.ehealthsask.ca/MySaskHealthRecord/MySaskHealthRecord/. Website traffic is expected to be busy and delays may be experienced as more people sign up for MySaskHealthRecord in preparation for October 1 proof of vaccination requirements. Patience is appreciated.

Once an account is created, individuals may access their COVID-19 vaccination record as well as their complete immunization history, lab test results, including COVID-19 tests, and other health history. It may take up to 24 hours for your record to be updated, after your account is activated. 

For more information, contact:

Phone: 306-787-4083
Email: media@health.gov.sk.ca

Links (to the videos)

For Individuals - SK Vax Wallet App -   https://youtu.be/TzvFj5-A8oI
For Business - SK Vax Verifier App - https://youtu.be/TczFwfI-J5Y
Getting Scanned - Interaction - https://youtu.be/tgtIDosERMQ

SK wallet iPhone : https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/sk-vax-wallet/id1585694601
SK verifier iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/sk-vax-verifier/id1585430532
SK verifier Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=%22SK%20Vax%20verifier%22
SK wallet Google Play: https://bit.ly/3a7TWzT

Posted 2021-09-29 11:04:52

QR Codes Temporarily Removed From COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Released on September 24, 2021

After being alerted to an issue downloading patient QR codes, the QR code is being temporarily removed from citizens’ COVID-19 vaccination records through MySaskHealthRecord.

In an abundance of caution, QR codes will not be issued on vaccination certificates until early next week. Citizens are currently unable to view their proof of vaccination certificate in MySaskHealthRecord, although the vaccines administered still show.

Tomorrow, citizens will be able to download or print their proof of vaccination record, which will still include their name and details about the vaccines administered. However, the QR code will be absent from the record.

IT has identified that the COVID 19 vaccination records of up to 19 residents have the potential of displaying in other citizens’ QR codes. Information from one individual has been identified to date.

Citizens who have already printed/downloaded/captured the QR code on their COVID-19 vaccination record between September 19-24, are asked to destroy/delete any records with their COVID-19 QR code as the code will be made invalid. They are also asked to contact eHealth Saskatchewan’s Privacy Officer if they have noticed another individual’s name appear when their QR code is scanned. Email at privacyandaccess@eHealthsask.ca.

"We are working closely with our vendor to investigate and resolve any issues and prevent other problems,” eHealth Saskatchewan Vice President of Programs and Technology Davin Church said. “We understand the high demand in Saskatchewan for records to meet proof of vaccination requirements.”

Other options which may be considered as proof of COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Wallet card or earlier version of your MySaskHealthRecord COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  • COVID-19 vaccine printout from Saskatchewan Health Authority Public Health

The individual whose name and information has been erroneously captured has been contacted. The Office of the Information and Privacy Officer of Saskatchewan has been made aware of this issue.

For more information, contact:

Phone: 306-787-4083
Email: media@health.gov.sk.ca

Posted 2021-09-24 16:19:07

COVID Vaccination Record Available with QR Code

Saskatchewan citizens with a MySaskHealthRecord account at eHealth Saskatchewan are now able to view their COVID-19 vaccination record in a new format that includes a QR (Quick Response) code. It can be downloaded/saved, printed and viewed on mobile devices.[More Detail]

Released on September 20, 2021

COVID Vaccination Record Now Available In New Format

Saskatchewan residents who would like a record of their COVID-19 vaccinations now have access to a new one-page printable COVID Vaccination Record from their MySaskHealthRecord (MSHR) account at eHealth Saskatchewan. The COVID Vaccination Record includes date and location of vaccination and brand of vaccine administered. The COVID Vaccination Record is also available on mobile and tablet devices.[More Detail]

Released on August 9, 2021

Saskatchewan Expanding Virtual Health Care Options

Saskatchewan is expanding capacity to provide secure, responsive virtual health care, so patients can safely, securely and conveniently access services well into the future. The Ministry of Health and eHealth Saskatchewan are now developing an action plan to enhance virtual services, focusing on security, privacy and user experience.[More Detail]

Released on April 20, 2021

Regina man with Cancer Diagnosis says MySaskHealthRecord ‘Made all the Difference in the World’

Hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ is terrifying. That’s how 68-year-old Regina resident, Jim Beale, says he felt when he received his prostate cancer diagnosis in May 2019.[More Detail]

Released on March 30, 2021

Liam and Olivia Still Saskatchewan's Most Popular Baby Names in 2020

A list of the top 20 baby names for 2020 was released by eHealth Saskatchewan today. Liam was once again the most popular name for baby boys for the 11th year in a row, and Olivia was the most popular name for baby girls for the sixth year in a row. The second most popular boy name was Jack and the second most popular girl name was Emma.

There were 63 baby boys named Liam in 2020, followed by Jack, Hudson, Noah and Oliver. There were 69 baby girls named Olivia, followed by Emma, Amelia, Sophia and Emily.

Some new names debuted on the top 20 lists. Bennett tied at number 17 on the list of boy names and Aurora debuted at number 12 on the list of girl names. Maverick debuted in 2019 tied at number 19 on the boy's list, and saw a significant rise in popularity in 2020; it now sits in the eighth spot.

Several of the most popular baby boy names from 2019 did not reappear on the 2020 top 20 list, including Emmett, Logan, Ethan, Asher, Thomas and Jackson. This was also the first time in more than 10 years that the name Alexander did not make the list of top boy names. The baby girl names that did not carry over from 2019 were Chloe, Ella, Everly, Hannah, Brielle, Violet and Aria.

Top 20
Girl Names
Total Named

Top 20 
Boy Names
​Total Named

As of December 9, 2020, 12,044 live births were registered in Saskatchewan. The final count will be completed in March. The number of live births registered in 2019 was 14,668. This does not include Saskatchewan mothers who gave birth outside of the province.  

*Please note that these are preliminary lists created with live birth data up to December 9, 2020. eHealth is still completing the birth registrations from the remainder of December 2020. The final lists will be completed in March and will be available at eHealthSask.ca under Health Data and Analytics, along with the final lists of popular baby names from previous years.