Panorama’s Immunizations Module

​​​​The Immunization module came online in February 2015. Since that time, all public health staff who provide immunization services are using Panorama to record immunizations across the province.

Panorama Immunizations works with the Vaccine Inventory module to set the stage for future implementation of more Panorama modules.

These modules can range from communicable disease investigations and outbreak management all the way to family health.

The immunizations module allows users to:

  • Manage client immunizations
  • Record and report on adverse events
  • Forecast immunization eligibility based on Saskatchewan's Immunization Schedule
  • Record contraindications and create client warnings
  • Provide immunization coverage reports for the Province, Regional Health Authorities and First Nations Jurisdictions
  • Connect to Inventory Module for real-time vaccine counts
  • Receive automatic invalidation alerts for compromised vaccines
Users who experience issues with the Vaccine Forecaster can download and submit the Panorama Vaccine Forecaster Issue Report Form.

Saskatchewan Immunization Manual

The Saskatchewan Immunization Manual provides evidence-based and standardized immunization-related information for public health personnel and other health care providers and institutions in the province.

The manual also helps ensure that Saskatchewan residents continue to receive publicly funded immunization services for the purpose of preventing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Policy Documents

AEFI Panorama.pdfAEFI Panorama
Authorization for User Access for Public Health Service Providers.pdfAuthorization for User Access for Public Health Service Providers
Client Registration Panorama.pdfClient Registration Panorama
Clients Presumed Deceased.pdfClients Presumed Deceased
Confidentiality of Client Records Panorama.pdfConfidentiality of Client Records Panorama
Consent Blocking - Privacy - Panorama.pdfConsent Blocking - Privacy - Panorama
Documentation of Consent Panorama.pdfDocumentation of Consent Panorama
Documentation of Immunization Refusal Panorama.pdfDocumentation of Immunization Refusal Panorama
Documentation of Non-Publicly Funded Vaccines Panorama.pdfDocumentation of Non-Publicly Funded Vaccines Panorama
Documenting Laboratory Results Panorama.pdfDocumenting Laboratory Results Panorama
Duplicate Client Resolution Panorama.pdfDuplicate Client Resolution Panorama
Functions Not to Be Used Panorama.pdfFunctions Not to Be Used Panorama
Immigration Information Panorama.pdfImmigration Information Panorama
Immunization Errors Panorama.pdfImmunization Errors Panorama
Informing Clients about Panorama.pdfInforming Clients about Panorama
Management of Records for Children Who are Adopted Panorama.pdfManagement of Records for Children Who are Adopted Panorama
Orientation and Education Panorama.pdfOrientation and Education Panorama
Policy for Immunization Data Entry.pdfPolicy for Immunization Data Entry
Pseudonym Privacy Option Panorama.pdfPseudonym Privacy Option Panorama
Recording Historical Immunizations Panorama.pdfRecording Historical Immunizations Panorama
Regional Administration Responsibilities Panorama.pdfRegional Administration Responsibilities Panorama
Reminder Recall Policy.pdfReminder Recall Policy
Risk Factors Panorama.pdfRisk Factors Panorama
Security Panorama.pdfSecurity Panorama
Service Delivery Location (SDL) Panorama.pdfService Delivery Location (SDL) Panorama
Special Considerations Panorama.pdfSpecial Considerations Panorama
TB Skin Test Panorama.pdfTB Skin Test Panorama
Updating JOrg and Status for Clients Moving Out of Province Policy.pdfUpdating JOrg and Status for Clients Moving Out of Province Policy
Updating JOrg for Clients Lost to Follow-Up.pdfUpdating JOrg for Clients Lost to Follow-Up
Updating JOrg for Clients Moving Within the Province Panorama.pdfUpdating JOrg for Clients Moving Within the Province Panorama
Updating Personal Information Panorama.pdfUpdating Personal Information Panorama
User Adherence to Panorama Policies.pdfUser Adherence to Panorama Policies
Vaccine Deferrals Panorama.pdfVaccine Deferrals Panorama

 Privacy and Immunization Records

AMENDING AGREEMENT Addition of Schedule C Nov 5 w Appendix.pdfAMENDING AGREEMENT Addition of Schedule C Nov 5 w Appendix
Glossary of Terms Nov 2014.pdfGlossary of Terms Nov 2014
PANORAMA JSAP Bullet Point Summary - December 15 2014 Version.pdfPANORAMA JSAP Bullet Point Summary - December 15 2014 Version
Panorama User Agreement 10Nov2014 - Final.pdfPanorama User Agreement 10Nov2014 - Final
Panorama User Agreement 10Nov2014 - Mocked Up Example.pdfPanorama User Agreement 10Nov2014 - Mocked Up Example