Managing Diabetes

​​Performing a Diabetes Foot Screen

The following 14-minute video demonstrates how to conduct a foot screen.


Diabetes Resources

Guidelines and supports for the care of patients living with diabetes.

Diabetes Directory - Saskatchewan
A directory of services and contacts in each health region and in First Nations communities. (PDF - 47 pages)

Diabetes Foot Screen Learning Package
Companion document to training video Performing a Diabetes Foot Screen. (PDF - 25 pages)

Diabetes Foot Complications - Clinical Practice Guidelines
For the prevention and management of complications: prevention, diagnosis, education, management and continuity of care. (PDF - 66 pages)

Insulin Dose Adjustment Module
Help patients attain near-normal blood glucose control by means of monitoring and self-adjustment of dosage. (PDF - 112 pages)

Advanced Insulin Dose Adjustment Module
Model policies and procedures related to calculating adjustments to dosage for shift work, travel and sick days. (PDF - 59 pages)

Advanced Insulin Dose Adjustment Module - Gestational Diabetes
For calculating adjustments to dosage for women with gestational diabetes, and other factors. (PDF - 41 pages)

Contact Primary Health Services Branch

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