Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Flowsheet Online Resources(COPD)

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COPD History and Subjective Notes  
CAT COPD Assessment Tool  
Severity of COPD, Current COPD Symptoms and Activity and COPD Exacerbations  
Printable COPD Action PlanCTS Action Plan on CTS website.CDM-QIP Action Plan (same pdf currently used)
Vascular Risk Management and Investigations  
Smoking cessation resources   (Canadian Cancer Society) 
Graphic showing effect of smoking cessation on FEV1  
Respiratory Medication Review  
COPD Management - will link to multiple websites and documents. 
Inhaler devices and technique - will connect to couple of sites/documents. 
Vaccination and Self-management    
Advanced care planning and End-of-life tools - will link to multiple websites. 
Referrals and Assessment Notes sections  
Pulmonary rehab programs - will link to website 
Details of CDM-QIP Indicators