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ABIIS - Acquired Brain Injury Information System
Account Request form 

ADG - Alcohol Drug and Gambling
Account Request form

Ambulance Patient Care Report (PCR) System
Account Request form

AMUP - Ambulance Upload
Account Request form

ARMS - Ambulance Registry Management System
Account Request form

Approved Authorizer List Request Form


BDM Pharmacy Information System
Account Request form
Provincial BDM Inventory Item Work Sheet


Care Manager / Care Organizer
Account Request form 

CCHS - Client Concern Handling System
Account Request form

CDM-QIP - Chronic Disease Management Quality Improvement Project
Request for Integrated Services - CDM-QIP
Account Request form for Paper-Based Clinics
MicroStrategy Reporting Request form - CDM-QIP​​

Citizen Health Information Portal
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DUR - Drug Utilization Review
Account Request Form


eHR Viewer
Request Form
Organization Approval form

Request for Integrated Services – eHR Viewer Launch in Context 

EBP - Electronic Burial Permit
Account Request form
Request for Organizational Approval form

EMC - Enterprise Management Console
Account Request form

ESP (Workforce Central)
Account Request form

EMR Interoperability

Request for Integrated Services 



General Account Request Form
Account Request form

Grants and Bursaries
Account Request form


Health Suite (RISE)
Account Request form

Hospira Mednet
Account Request Form


Information Services
Request for Information Form
Request for Information Frequently asked Questions




Lab SCC (Soft)
Account Request Form

LIMS - Labware Lab Information Management System
Account Request Form

LLS - Lab Licensing System
Account Request Form 

LTC - Long Term Care
Account Request Form


MDS Datamart
Account Request Form

MDS Long Term Care (LTC)
Account Request Form
MDS Training Request Form

Medical Imaging (RIS,PACS,PS360)

Medical lmaging Request Form

Medical Services Branch (MSB)
Account Request Form

MHIS - Mental Health Information System
Account Request Form

MHAIS - Mental Health and Addiction Information System
Account ​Request Form


Newborn Notification System
Account Request Form


PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System
PACS Account Request Form and Joint Services/Access Policy Confirmation
Security Questions Form
PACS Joint Service Signature Page

Account Request Form​
First Nation Organization Request Form

PSL - Patient Services Locator

PCH - Personal Care Home Registry
Account Request Form

PCV - Provider Coverage Viewer
Account Request Form

PHRS-View - Personal Health Registration System Viewer
Basic Account Request Form
Advanced Account Request Form 
Organization Approval Form
Approver request only 

PHRS Web Nominations (WebNom)
Account Authorization Form
Organization Approval Form

PHRS Online Group Account - Personal Health Registration System

PIP - Pharmaceutical Information Program
Online Registration
PIP Joint Service & Access Policy - Confirmation of Receipt and Acceptance
Delegated Approver Form  

Request for Integrated Services - PIP

Procura - (Homecare)
Account Request form

PRS - Provider Registry
Account Request form 

Providers Request to Receive or Cease Electronic Lab Results
Account Request form 

PRDS & MIQS - Provincial Renal Data System
MIQS Account Request & Security Access form 


RMS - Referral Management Services
Account Request form​

Microstrategy Production Reporting Request form
Request for Review of Claim Assessment
Claim Assessment Form


SAIL - Equipment Information System (SEIS)
Account Request form 

SAIL - Oxygen Information System (SOIS)
Account Request Form
Supplier Approval Request Form

SAIL - Supplies System (SSS)
Account Request form

SAS - Statistical Analysis System
Account Request form

SCI  - Shared Client Index

Inspector/Viewer Non-Production Request Form
Viewer/Detailed Viewer Request form
Inspector Request form
Organization Approval form

SCM - Sunrise Clinical Manager
Account Request form

Security Questions Form

Server Request Form

SHCP - Supplementary Health Claims Processing
Account Request form

SIS - Surgical Information System
Account Request form
Change Request form
Emergency Change Request form

SharePoint Site Request form

SLRR - Saskatchewan Lab Results Repository
​Request for EMR Integrated Services

SPR  - Service Provider Registry
Account Request form

SSCN  - Saskatchewan Surgical Care Network
Account Request form


Telehealth Services
Account Request form
Clinicial Booking form

Telesteth Services
Account Request form
License Authorization form

Testing Utilities Software
Account Request form
Access Level List


Unicentre Service Desk


Account Request form


Web Conferencing (Webex)
Account Request form
Meeting Request form

Web PSI and Adoption Form
Account Authorization form
Organization Approval form

WinCIS (CPI Reg)
Account Request form

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