Public Health Manuals

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Communicable Disease Control Manual

The Communicable Disease Control manual includes guidelines on recommended practices for the follow-up of selected communicable diseases, and is intended for use by public health professionals in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Immunization Manual

The Saskatchewan Immunization Manual provides evidence-based and standardized immunization-related information. The manual helps ensure that Saskatchewan residents continue to receive publicly funded immunization services for the purpose of preventing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Saskatchewan Influenza Immunizaiton Policy 2023-24

This policy provides direction to all providers of publicly funded influenza vaccine, including public health, physicians, Nurse Practitioners and community pharmacists.

COVID-19 Immunization Manual

The COVID-19 Immunization Manual includes policies, guidelines, work standards and other COVID-19 vaccine resources. It is intended to be used by health care providers (e.g. public health personnel, other health care providers, health care students) supporting the COVID-19 immunization program in Saskatchewan. 

HIV Guidelines Manual (includes Management of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids)

The HIV Guidelines Manual is a resource for health care providers who are managing an individual who has experienced an exposure to blood or body fluids. The guidelines include a number of tools to help assess and respond to exposures in a standardized way to facilitate support continuity of care for the patient among a health care team.

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Information resource for health care providers related to patient medication for HIV Post exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP).

Nutrition and Growth Assessment Manual for Healthy Term Infants and Children (NAMIC 2014)

Provides population-based statements and is a nutrition assessment resource that supports Child Health Clinic Guidelines and protocols.

Saskatchewan Child Health Clinic Guidelines for Standard Practice

Guidelines developed to help support families in the growth, and development of their children and to prevent communicable disease.

TB Prevention and Control

The TB Prevention and Control Saskatchewan program is for all residents of Saskatchewan with suspected or diagnosed tuberculosis infection or disease.

Tetanus Prophylaxis Wound Management