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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a secure service that is available in many health care facilities across the province.  It allows patients and providers to communicate with audio and video, from two completely separate areas of the province.  Patients simply visit the nearest Telehealth site to meet with a professional in a virtual exam room. 

Access to specialists located outside of Saskatchewan can also be arranged if that service is not offered in the province.

Where is Telehealth located? 

Telehealth sites are located all across the province, see map below to find the telehealth site closest to you:



How does Telehealth work?

If your healthcare provider feels it is appropriate, they will book you a h appointment.  You will be given a date, time and location of your appointment either by phone or letter, depending on the clinical process your provider has in place.  You will need to confirm your appointment with the provider office giving consent to see your provider this way. 

NOTE: Not all clinical consults are appropriate for Telehealth use, it is up to the provider to determine if the technology will meet their needs.


The day of the clinic, you will go to the Telehealth facility and check in at the front desk.  Staff in the facility will escort you to the Telehealth room and explain how your appointment will take place.


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