Work culture

Great people

If you ask an eHealth employee why they love their job, they are sure to say it's about the people. We're proud to employ a diverse workforce. That rich pool of backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives brings creativity and innovation, and makes our workplace more dynamic and interesting. eHealth has a culture that lets you be you. 

How do our employees describe the culture at eHealth? "Challenging, supportive, friendly, collaborative and rewarding" are some of the most common answers.

Oh and another thing – we said good-bye to our corporate dress code and trust our employees to make their own appropriate clothing decisions with a dress for your day approach.

Culture Committee ("Culture Club")
An employee-drive committee promotes and celebrates culture and diversity at eHealth. The committee also injects a little fun into our workplace with regular events and activites like Zumba classes, holiday celebrations, contests and challenges.

eHealth employees at the Queen City Pride Parade

Dumplings and calligraphy were just some of the events at our Lunar New Year celebrations.