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What is Saskatchewan Virtual Visit?

This new virtual visit platform will enable clinicians and patients across Saskatchewan to meet virtually and see each other during consultations. This is a critical step towards supporting access to care regardless of location, while simultaneously improving continuity of care.

Using the Virtual Visit Platform, clinical users can:

  • ​Invite their patient users to join their clinic

  • Set their schedule

  • Manage their virtual waiting room

  • Schedule in-person or virtual appointments

  • Have conversations via chat, audio, or video

  • Ensure their communications are safe, secure, and reliable

The core features include:

  • A single provincial video conferencing solution designed specifically for clinical users and patients.

  • Enable clinical users to configure the system to supplement their practice to conduct virtual appointments with their patients.

  • Enable patient users to access their virtual appointment from their own homes or preferred locations.

  • Prioritize the patient user and clinical user experience with a solution that is easy and intuitive to use (with minimal clicks).

  • Ensure privacy, security and reliability are maintained to the highest level possible.

  • In addition to web-based access for both patient users and clinical users, the Saskatchewan Virtual Visit platform will be available on either Android or iPhone for patient users, making it easy to connect and can work in low bandwidth environments.  


The Virtual Visit Program will be deployed to up to 3,500 clinical users across Saskatchewan.  We will be training our own trainers who will work in six onboarding 

waves to in turn train clinical and administrative users on the Virtual Visit Program.  Your organization will be assessing and distributing to clinical providers as necessary.

For more information, visit: ​​

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