What is Telehealth?

For those patients who do not have quick and easy access to a health care provider, Telehealth is the solution.​

Telehealth connects patients to health care professionals using live, two-way videoconferencing technology. This secure service is available in many health care facilities across the province and allows patients and doctors to communicate, both verbally and visually, from two completely separate areas of the province. Patients simply visit the nearest Telehealth site to meet with a professional in a virtual exam room. 

Access to specialists located outside of Saskatchewan can also be arranged if that service is not offered in the province.

How can you benefit from Telehealth

  • Better Access to Health Care. Patients have quicker and easier access to specialty care by visiting a local Telehealth site.
  • Less Travel. Patients no longer have to travel long distances to receive specialized health care.
  • Time and Money Saved. Limiting travel time and overnight stays, saves patients time and reduces their health care expenses.  
  • Improved Safety. Telehealth reduces the need for traveling long distances in dangerous winter driving conditions.


Telehealth is private and secure

Telehealth operates in a private and secure network, which can only be accessed by authorized health care professionals.  

The secure network operates within the province’s high-speed, digital internet system that ensures privacy safeguards are in place. ​ 

Booking Telehealth clinical appointments

The Telehealth online Clinical Booking Form was developed by eHealth Saskatchewan as a tool for health partners to securely and standardly book Telehealth appointments.  Telehealth bookings are exclusively accepted through this online process and alternative booking methods are retired.  To gain access to this platform, contact your local Virtual Care Coordinator or the eHealth Saskatchewan.

Telehealth Locations in Saskatchewan 

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