Health Coverage for Treatment Not Available in Canada

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Saskatchewan health coverage covers most medically necessary services (hospital and physician) provided in a publicly funded facility in Canada. However, it only provides limited emergency medical care coverage outside Canada. Find out more ​about Saskatchewan health​ cover​age on the Ministry of Health's website​​.

Specialist Referrals Outside of Canada/Outside of Saskatchewan

If a specialist refers a patient outside Saskatchewan or Canada to receive treatment not available in Saskatchewan or other provinces, Saskatchewan health coverage may cover the full cost of the treatment as long as these services are provided within the publicly funded health care system.

Prior approval is required.

The specialist must provide a written request for prior approval from the Medical Services Branch of Saskatchewan Health, or from the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The written request must:

  • ​Describe the circumstances of the case.
  • Clearly describe the service(s) being requested.
  • State - to the best of the specialist's knowledge - that the service(s) are not available anywhere in Canada.

Written prior approval requests can be faxed to 306-798-1124 or emailed to

If the treatment is appr​oved, government will pay the full cost of treatment at a rate that the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health considers fair and reasonable after taking into account the location where the insured service is provided.

Travel, accommodation and meals will not be covered.

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