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What is a Saskatchewan Virtual Visit?​​

The Saskatchewan Virtual Visit Program uses audio and video conferencing allowing health care providers to connect with patients at home or a location of their choice.  This is a provider-driven service; patients cannot "sign up" for the Saskatchewan Virtual Visit Program on their own.

The features of the application include:

  • A single provincial video conferencing solution designed specifically for healthcare providers and patients.

  • Ability for healthcare providers to manage their practice using virtual appointments with their patients.

  • Easy and intuitive functionality (using minimal clicks).

  • Ability to function on multiple devices (via web browsers and dedicated mobile apps for patients) including in low bandwidth environments.

  • Assurances that privacy, security, and reliability are maintained to the highest health industry standards.

Technical Requirements to use Virtual Visit:

In order to take part in a Virtual Visit consult, you need to have the following:

  • Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet

  • Web browser installed (Chrome, Firefox or Safari - Internet Explorer does not work)

  • Internet connection or cellular data

  • Webcam, speaker and microphone

  • Email address


Improve your Virtual Visit Experience:

Test your internet or cellular data a couple hours before your virtual visit.  Make sure your microphone, speaker and camera are turned on and do a Pre-Call Test!


During a consultation you would be expected to:

  • Be in a private and quiet area

  • Remain in front of the camera for the provider to see you

  • Not be driving a vehicle during the consultation

  • Speak clearly for the provider to hear you

  • Let the provider know if there is someone with you during the consultation and introduce them

  • Mute yourself, if necessary, to limit disturbance in case of high-level background noise

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