Citizen Health Information Portal

CHIP Pilot Program

We thank those who have an interest in the program; however, eHealth is not accepting any new participants at this time.

Thank you for your interest in eHealth Saskatchewan’s new and exciting Citizen Health Information Portal (CHIP) pilot—a first of its kind in the province.

CHIP is an interactive tool that gives participants quick and easy access to their personal health information. The program was launched in January 2016 as a six month pilot, available to a limited number of Saskatchewan participants. The pilot officially ended in August. eHealth is not accepting any new participants at this time.   

A special thank you to all of the CHIP participants for their time, effort and enthusiasm. Even though the pilot period has concluded, current participants can continue accessing their CHIP accounts.

If you are a current participant and have a question or need assistance, please contact the Support Line: 1-844-767-8259.


The Pilot

From January to December 2017, 1,100 Saskatchewan participants were given secure, online access to their medical history, including:

  • Laboratory results
  • Vaccines/immunizations
  • Prescriptions​
  • Hospital and acute care visits

Additional summary information may be available for some long-term care facilities.

Participants also have the ability to:

  • Add personal health information
  • Set reminders to take medications
  • Record upcoming appointments

CHIP also includes a health care provider access page that allows physicians to review the information that patients add to their profile.

The health data is stored in private and confidential files and can only be accessed through a highly secure, personalized login.

Please send any comments, concerns and questions you have about CHIP to:

What’s Next?

Throughout the pilot, we received an incredible amount of positive and inspiring feedback.

We have been busy reviewing the comments and survey results from our participants. That information will help us make recommendations on how to best create patient-focused programs for Saskatchewan people in the future.

CHIP is yet another way eHealth is staying committed to improving access to personal health information, and online tools, in an effort to enhance the quality of health care for all Saskatchewan people.