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The following table lists a registered coordinator with Telehealth Saskatchewan. The list is divided by:

Regional Health Authorities

​Athabasca Health Authority

JD Miller
IT Manager
Phone: 306-439-2200 ext.278
Cellular: 306-940-9777
Fax: 306-439-2211
Athabasca Health Authority
Box 124
Black Lake SK  S0J 0H0​

Tiffany Adam
Telehealth Site Facilitator
Phone:  306-439-2200
Fax:  306-439-2148
​1234 Hospital Road
Stony Rapids SK  S0J 2R0

Cypress Health Region​ ​ ​

Carolyn Hildebrand
Education Services Bureau Coordinator
Phone: 306-778-5444
Cellular: 306-741-8942
Fax: 306-778-5157​
Cypress Health Region
429 4th Avenue NE
Swift Current SK  S9H 2J9​

​Five Hills Health Region

Lisa Taylor
Regional Telehealth Manager
Phone: 306-691-2635
Cellular: 306-630-7548
Fax: 306-691-6455

Margie Macdonald
Regional Telehealth Coordinator (Casual)
Phone: 306-691-2635
Cell: 306-690-5765
Fax: 306-691-6455

Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital
55 Diefenbaker Drive
Moose Jaw SK  S6J 0C2

Heartland Health Region​ ​ ​

Kristyn McCarthy
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-463-6150 ext. 2404
Fax: 306-463-5995
Cellular: 306-430-9009
​Heartland Health Region
819 - 1st Street West
Kindersley SK  S0L 1S2

Gloria Knorr
Regional Clinical Systems Manager
Phone: 306-463-6150 ext. 2437
Fax: 306-463-4550

Joan Spigott
Telehealth Facilitator
Phone: 306-867-8676 ext. 283
Fax: 306-867-9449​

Keewatin Yatthé Health Region​ ​ ​

Denise Dubrule-Durocher
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-833–3373
Fax: 306-833-2078
Cellular: 306-833-7526
St. Joseph’s Hospital
Box 630 (Lot 10 block 2 Lajeunesse Ave)
Ile a la Crosse SK  S0M 1C0​

​Kelsey Trail Health Region

Michelle Hrychuk
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-862-7256
Fax: 306-862-3250
Cellular: 306-862-7983

Kelsey Trail Health Region
Box 389
Nipawin SK  S0E 1E0​

​Pam Berg
Regional Telehealth Coordinator (part time)
Phone: 306-862-6144

Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region​ ​ ​

Jay Vincent
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-425-4819
Fax: 306-425-5513​
Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region
Box 6000 (227 Backlund Street)
La Ronge SK  S0J 1L0​

Prairie North Health Region​

Marianne Kirkland
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-446-6699
Cellular: 306-480-7863
Fax: 306-446-6061​

​Prairie North Health Region
1092-107th Street
North Battleford SK  S9A 1Z1

Laura Laliberte
Site Facilitator - Meadow Lake
Phone: 306-236-1545
Fax: 306-236-5801

Mary Ackerman
Site Facilitator - Lloydminster
Phone: 306-820-6103
Fax: 306-825-9880​

Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

Debra (Debbie) Taylor
Primary Health Care Manager (CDM)
Phone: 306-765-6645
Cellular: 306-961-4696              
Fax: 306-765-6624
Victoria Hospital
1200 – 24th Street West
Prince Albert SK  S6V 5T4​

Joan Strube & Lilli Tischenko
Site Facilitators
Phone: 306-765-6082​

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

​General Inquiries
Phone: 306-766-3400
Scott Wilson
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-766-0673
Fax: 306-766-3368​
Cellular: 306-551-0742
Regina General Hospital
Level 3B  1440-14th Avenue
Regina SK  S4P 0W5

Roland Holness
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-766-0672
Fax: 306-766-3368
Cellular: 306-531-9580

Mary Deren
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-766-0675
Cellular:  306-541-9735
John Bidochka
IT Tech - Telehealth
Phone: 306-766-0674
Cellular: 306-537-5205

Saskatoon Health Region


​Jennifer Falastein
Telehealth Manager
Phone: 306-655-1517
Fax: 306-655-6633

Carrie Opalko-Windecker
Telehealth Coordinator - RUH
Phone: 306-655-2956
Fax: 306-655-663​3
Cell: 306-371-2086
​Jennifer Holowaty
Telehealth Coordinator - SPH
Phone: 306-655-5661
Fax: 306-655-6633
Cell: 306-230-6512
Irene Kutsiuruba
Telehealth Facilitator
Phone: 306-655-1573
Cell: 306-250-0346

Royal University Hospital
103 Hospital Drive
Saskatoon SK S7N OW8​

Sun Country Health Region

Mary Deren
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-842-8605
Cell: 306-897-7002
Fax:  306-842-1919​
Sun Country Health Region
Box 2003 (Government Road)
201 1st Ave NE
Weyburn SK  S4H 2Z9​

Sunrise Health Region

Chris Fisher
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-786-0776
Fax: 306-786-0751​
Sunrise Health Region
Yorkton Regional Health Centre
270 Bradbrooke Drive
Yorkton SK  S3N 2K6

Non-RHA Partners

College of Medicine

Saskatoon: Nate McKenzie, Max Lyons, Dennis Furniss & Brian Pidhaychuk
Health Sciences Office
Phone: 306-966-6152
Nate Cellular: 306-290-6115
Max Cellular: 306-280-5521
Dennis Cellular: 306-280-9684
Brian Cellular: 306-270-8941
Fax: 306-966-6164​
Room 5B38
Health Sciences Building
University of Saskatchewan
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon SK  S7N 5E5​
Regina:  Paul Weir, Vince Lupuliak, Dave Krawchuk & Bao Nguyen
Paul Office: 306-766-0691
Paul Cellular: 306-526-8317
Vince Cellular: 306-552-8344
Dave Cellular: 306-519-4977
Bao Cellular: 306-531-9825
Regina General Hospital
1440 14th Ave
Regina SK  S4P 0W5​
Prince Albert: Nicole Toutant (CoM) & Heidi Brown (Family Medicine)
Nicole Phone: 306-765-6787
Nicole Fax: 306-765-6783
Heidi Phone: 306-765-6218
Heida Fax: 306-765-6347​
North Battleford Clinic: Michelle Coakwell (Family Medicine)​
​Michelle Phone: 306-446-8631
Michelle Cellular: 306-480-7535 
Moose Jaw Clinic: Lisa Eisan (Family Medicine)
​Lisa Phone: 306-694-8730​
La Ronge Clinic: Janice Skilliter (CofM)​
​Janice Phone: 306-425-6409​

​College of Nursing

Evan Rust
Phone: 306-337-3803
Fax: 306-337-3804
Room 129
Regina Campus
University of Saskatchewan
100 - 4400 4th Avenue
Regina SK S4T 0H8
Bruce Atamanenko
Phone: 306-966-6257
Fax: 306-966-6621
​Room E4217
Health Sciences Building
University of Saskatchewan
104 Clinic Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 2Z4

Health Quality Council (HQC)​ ​ ​

Alejandra Villanueva
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 306-668-8810 ext.121
Amanda Hutton (backup)
Phone: 306-668-8810 ext 123
​241-111 Research Drive
Saskatoon SK

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA)

​Allan Blair Cancer Centre:
Dakota Schmidt
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-766-2177
Fax: 306-766-6222
Cellular: 306-527-1112

Terry-Lyn Paul & Elaine Laire
Telehealth Coordinators - part time
Phone: 306-766-2692

4101 Dewdney Avenue
Regina SK  S4T 7T1​
Saskatoon Cancer Centre:    
Taralyn Landstad
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-655-6613
Fax: 306-655-1948
Cellular: 306-250-6190
Carolyn Benes & Laura Milligan
Telehealth Coordinators - part time
Phone: 306-655-2988
20 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK  S7N 4H4​

Health Shared Services Saskatchewan (3S Health)

Taren Trew
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  306-347-5570
Fax:  306-359-0630
Cell:  306-536-7407
700-2002 Victoria Ave
Regina SK  S4P 0R7​

Dallas Manz
Security Analyst - Information Services
Phone: 306-347-1711
Fax: 306-347-5913​

Radiology Associates of Regina (RAR) ​ ​

​Debbi Bone
Information Systems and Communication Manager
Phone: 306-719-2200
Fax: 306-719-2219
Cellular: 306-540-5033
​2727 Parliament Ave.
Regina SK  S4S 6X5​

SK Association of Safe Workplace in Health (SASWH) ​

​Candice Jordan
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-545-5595 (221)
Fax: 306-545-6574
​​​952 Albert Street
Regina SK  S4R 2P7

​First Nation and Inuit Health Branch ​

Leslie Poorman
eHealth Project Coordinator
Phone: 306-780-8879

​First Nations and Inuit Health
2045 Broad St
Regina SK  S4P 3T7 ​

First Nation Community Sites

File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council

​Fort Qu'Appelle - All Nations Healing Hospital

Earlene Keewatin
ANHH Site Coordinator
Phone: 306-332-2657
Fax: 306-332-3790
Cell: 306-332-7192
​Treaty Four Reserve #77
Box 300
Fort Qu'Appelle SK 
S0G 1S0

Agency Chiefs Tribal Council (ACTC)

​Big River First Nation
Health Clinic
Charlene Gardiner
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-717-9093
Fax: 306-724-4555
​Big River First Nation
Box 519             
Debden SK  S0J 0S0 (clinical)

​Independents ​ ​

​Onion Lake Health Center
Audrey Parke
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-344-2330
Fax: 306-344-2357

Willow Cree Health Centre
Lori Myskiw
Telehealth Coordinator/Homecare Manager
Phone:  306-467-4402
Fax:  306-467-4609
​PO Box 70
Onion Lake SK  S0M 2E0

Box 96,
Duck Lake, SK
SoK 1Jo

​Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) ​ ​

​Charles Bighead
eHealth Advisor
Phone: 306-953-5006
​Prince Albert
Lac La Ronge Indian Band
Roderick Sanderson
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-425-1702
Fax: 306-425-5520
​La Ronge SK
Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC)
Patricia Hunter
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-953-7283
Cell: 306-930-7611
Fax: 306-763-6611
​851-23rd Street W
Box 1775
Prince Albert SK  S6V 5T3
​Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC)
Trisha Sylvestre
eHealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-236-8233
Cell: 306-240-9170
Fax: 306-236-3232
​8002 Flying Dust Reserve
Meadow Lake SK  S9X 1T8

​Peter Ballanytne Cree Nation (PBCN)
Carolyn Brass
eHealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-632-2046
Fax: 306-632-4502
Cellular: 306-314-9700
​PO Box 380
Pelican Narrows SK 
S0J 0E0

​Treatment Centres

​Ekweskeet Treatment Centre
Verna Pahtayken
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-344-2094
Fax: 306-344-4805
​Box 280 Highway 17
Onion Lake SK  S0M 2E0
​Fort QuAppelle - Leading
Thunderbird Lodge
Danita Benjoe
Telehealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-332-5659
Fax: 306-332-1850
​550 Fort San Road
Fort San SK  S0G 1S0
​Cree Nations Treatment Haven
Tanya Hounsell
Telehealth Site Facilitator
Phone: 306-468-2072
Fax: 306-468-2758
​Box 340
Canwood SK  S0J 0K0

​Battle River Treaty 6​

​BRT6 Health Centre
Esther Park
eHealth Coordinator
Phone: 306-937-6809
Fax: 306-445-6492
​1202 101st Street
North Battleford SK  S9A 3W2 ​​