The Telehealth Experience

​eHealth Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Authority and partners work to connect general health care providers to patients across the province.

This connection is made possible by Community Net, a world-class, secure, high-speed and private network. This network is equipped with several privacy safeguards. Only authorized users can access it.

Booking a Telehealth Appointment

After the patient visits their family physician, the doctor will send a referral request on to the specialist office. The specialist will then assess whether Telehealth will meet the needs of the patient’s care.
If deemed appropriate, the specialist will schedule a Telehealth consultation and notify the patient’s family physician.

The local Telehealth coordinator with then contact the patient one week before the appointment to confirm details. The coordinator will also offer the patient the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about their upcoming appointment.

Once the Telehealth coordinator has confirmed the appointment with both the patient and specialist, the appointment can take place.

The Telehealth Session

On the day of the appointment, the patient will travel to their nearest Telehealth site. They may be required to register at the admitting department.

Before the session begins, a health care provider will meet with the patient to:

At the time of the appointment, the specialist office will connect to your site. Health care professionals may remain in the room with the patient’s permission to carry out the appointment.

Appointment times can range from 10-60 minutes, depending on the type of examination.

The length of the session also depends on whether the health care provider has previously seen the patient.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Telehealth examination is completely private and confidential.

 The session can only be seen and heard by those directly involved in the consultation, and nobody else.