EMR Interoperability FAQ's

When will the EMR Interoperability pilot start and finish?

The pilot will launch February 2018 and will run until the end of March 2019.

What is the purpose of the EMR Interoperability pilot?

The purpose of the pilot is to ensure users have the opportunity to provide feedback on the new features and functionalities prior to a broader rollout.

What is new in the eHR Viewer?

  • EMR Visits tab
  • EMR Visit Summary data
  • Notification

What will users be able to do in the eHR Viewer?

  • Set up Notification Preferences
  • Set up a Patient List for Notifications
  • Receive Notifications in the eHR Viewer Task List

What is new in the Accuro EMR?

  • Ability to opt-in to send EMR visit data and receive notifications
  • Receive notifications in the Documents folder and Notifications folder in the EMR
  • Consume documents from notifications
  • Send EMR visit data to the provincial EHR

What are providers'/clinics' responsibilities when submitting data from the EMR to the provincial EHR?

  • Ensure charting is complete
  • Ensure posters and brochures are visible to patients in the clinic
  • Ensure patients have the opportunity to ask questions and/or be able to direct patients to the right location for more information on EMR Interoperability

In which point of care systems will EMR Interoperability be available?

For the pilot, the EMR Interoperability features and functionalities will be available in the eHR Viewer and the Accuro EMR.  For those using the Med Access EMR, it is anticipated to be available in late 2019.

When will EMR Interoperability be rolled-out to other healthcare providers once the pilot is complete?

A provincial launch is planned post pilot, which is expected to be in spring 2019.

Are there any prerequisites to use the EMR Interoperability features and functionalities?

Yes, these include:

  • Must have an eHR Viewer account
  • If using an EMR, Launch-In-Context (LIC) must be enabled

How do providers opt-out of participating in EMR Interoperability?

Providers will be able to opt-out at any time from sending EMR visit data and receiving notifications by doing so in their Accuro EMR and updating their preferences in the eHR Viewer.

Who will have access to data that is shared from the EMR?

Data sent from the EMR will be made available in the eHR Viewer. Those with access to the eHR Viewer will be able to view data that has been sent from the EMR.

Where is EMR data located in the eHR Viewer?

Click on the "EMR Visits" tab in the eHR Viewer:

What notifications are available as part of EMR Interoperability?

Please see chart below:

What information will be sent from the EMR to the eHR Viewer?

Below is a summary of the data categories:

*These sections will include history

Where are notifications located in Accuro?

In the Accuro EMR, it will be in the Notifications folder or Documents folder:

Where are notifications located in eHR Viewer?

Upon log in, the menu on the left side of the screen includes a section titled "Notifications".  Under "Notifications", there will be a "Notifications Task List" option where all eHR Viewer notifications are sent.

How quickly will notifications be generated/sent?

The timing of notifications is dependent on when eHealth Saskatchewan receives the information. Once the data reaches eHealth Saskatchewan, then notifications are generated and sent.

What should providers/clinics do if they suspect notifications are missing in the EMR or in the eHR Viewer? 

Contact the eHealth Saskatchewan Service Desk: 1-888-316-7446

Is there the ability to limit or not share EMR visit data so that it's not available in the eHR Viewer?

There are two ways for EMR information to not be shared:

  • Users are able to flag specific chart items to not be shared
  • Users can opt out of EMR Interoperability and not share data

Please note that any items masked or marked confidential in EMR will not be shared with eHealth Saskatchewan.

How are patients made aware of EMR Interoperability?

The clinic is required to have privacy posters and brochures visible to patients. The privacy posters and brochures will indicate what integrated services are available in the EMR. Providers are encouraged to share with their patients that they are participating in EMR Interoperability.

How do patients know who is receiving notifications on them?

Patients have the option to request this list via the eHealth Privacy Service at: privacyandaccess@ehealthsask.ca

How do patients request removal from a health care provider's notification list?

Patients have the option to talk with the provider to request the removal or contact the eHealth Privacy Service at: privacyandaccess@ehealthsask.ca