Digital Engagement: ​Putting You, Our User, First

​​​​​​​eHealth Saskatchewan wants to create a positive online experience for citizens, patients, families and health care providers.

We recognize that some of our online products and services are a bit out-of-date and don’t meet the expectations of our users. We are always looking for ways to improve, and with your help, we’ll be able to do just that.

That’s why we’re renewing our focus on digital engagement by rolling out new online feedback tools.

These feedback options put the focus directly on you, our user. We’re interested in your experience. Your insights. Your vision. Your participation will help shape better online experiences and services for Saskatchewan citizens and health care providers. Thank you in advance for helping us in our journey to transform digital health.

Online engagement opportunities

You can help improve our online services in as little as 15 minutes simply by using our new online feedback tools. Sign up today to have your voice heard.

Sign up fo​r our mailing list

Once you sign up, you’ll get an invitation to participate via email. Your personal details will be kept anonymous by default, unless you would like your personal experience included as part of the study.​​

In-person activities

Online feedback tools only tell part of your story and experience. That’s why we also have opportunities available to take part in collecting in-person user feedback.

In-person sessions typically last between one and two hours. Each session is professionally facilitated by our team, either individually or in a group setting.

Given the amount of time necessary to complete in-person feedback sessions, there are a limited amount of opportunities available. These opportunities will be reserved for products scheduled for public release.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let us know​.​


Please contact eHealth Saskatchewan Digital at: