CHIP Success Stories

​Our enthusiastic participants continue to provide us with insightful and inspiring feedback about their experiences with CHIP.

The following videos spotlight five people from Saskatchewan who are taking a more active role in their own health care thanks to CHIP. They all agree that having quick and easy access to their own personal health information on a daily basis is improving their health care. Watch our videos to hear their powerful stories.

Here’s what some participants said upon learning that they will have access to their CHIP accounts for another year.

  • "…it is we people who want to have access to our own person health information who should be thanking YOU the people who have created, offered and keep our upd​ated information available to each of us. THANK YOU from all of us that have been participants in this excellent program..." - Breast Cancer survivor

  • "This made my day. Thank you. Living in rural Sask has been good for me but CHIPs has made it even better. I can manage my health care with ease and be aware of red flags telling me I need to contact the doc or worse get to the hospital. Thank you I can rest easy." - Diane Boulanger

  • "That is the best news ever!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!" - Karen Larrivee

  • "I am elated that we get to keep using the CHIP program. I sincerely hope that Xray, U/S, CT scans, and MRI'S are going to be added for our information. Thank you." - Mary Dykhuizen

  • "GREAT news. I love CHIPing. I love the look and versatility of the CHIP site. I am a lab manager within the Saskatoon Health Region. I had a personal motive for wanting to get on the trial as well as a professional motive. I think our patients who have to manage their results for being diabetic and on blood thinners will greatly benefit from viewing their results. This program will give back patients better management of their care. I don’t have much testing done. The couple times has been of benefit and has reduced follow up visits to my physician.Often patients are told no news is good news but we know as health providers the occasional one falls through the cracks. If we can view results personally the worry and wait is drastically reduced. Have a wonderful day and I am hoping this program gets Provincial support to increase the membership." - Lenore Howey

  • "Thank goodness!! I must have misunderstood when I began the pilot, I thought it would run for a year (rather than 6 months) and then really assumed my access would never end. I hoped that the pilot would eventually be rolled out full scale. I sure hope this still happens! I am certainly one of those who truly value the information and access that CHIP provides currently, and look forward to potential future improvements!" - Terri Simon

  • "Thank you very much! This will have an incredible impact on many people!" - Alyssa Noonan

  • ​"That is great news! Thanks so much." - Robin Endsin