By law, every marriage solemnized in Saskatchewan must be registered with Vital Statistics. Registration is necessary to establish legal proof of the marriage. Without registration you cannot obtain a Marriage Certificate.


​Here is today's forecasted turnaround time:
Vital Statistics Certificates: 5 business days


Before a marriage can be solemnized, the couple must first obtain a marriage license. For detailed information about obtaining a marriage license, who is legally able to get married or who is registered to perform marriages in Saskatchewan, please contact:

The Marriage Unit
323 3085 Albert Street
Regina, SK
S4S 0B1
Tel: (306) 787-3869


Order a Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates can be ordered quickly and easily online or through a manual forms-based submission method via mail, fax or in person at our Customer Service Center.

Check the Status of Your Certificate Order

If you have recently ordered a marriage certificate from Vital Statistics you can check the status of that order online in real time. You can check the status of any certificate order regardless of how the order was submitted (online or by forms method).

Register a Marriage

The religious representative or Marriage Commissioner who performs the marriage ceremony will help you to complete a Registration of Marriage Form.