Vital Statistics: Introduction

Vital Statistics registers all births, deaths, marriages and changes of name that occur in Saskatchewan. The certificates issued by Vital Statistics are legal proof of these vital events and provide statistical information to various agencies and the general public.  More...

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Vital Statistics registers births, marriages and deaths that occur in Saskatchewan and provides certificates as legal proof of these vital events. Certificates can be ordered quickly and easily online or through a manual forms-based submission method via mail, fax or in person at our Customer Service Centre.
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Check the Status of Your Certificate Order

If you have recently ordered a birth, marriage, death or commemorative stillbirth certificate from Vital Statistics you can check the status of that order online in real time. You can check the status of any certificate order regardless of how the order was submitted (online or by forms method).

Register a Birth, Marriage or Death in Saskatchewan

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Choose Your Baby’s Surname

There are a few regulations around what your baby’s last name should be.

Most Popular Baby Names

Girls (2015): #1 - Olivia | #2 - Emily  | #3 - Emma
Boys (2015): #1 - Liam | #2 - Noah | #3 - Benjamin


You can search our records for free to find births registered more than 100 years ago or deaths registered more than 70 years ago.

Adoption Information

By law, we cannot release birth information for adopted individuals, if you are trying to find more about birth parents or adopted children please contact the Saskatchewan Post-Adoption Registry.

Changing Your Name

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